You are Losing Sales Because of You – Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Today I closed a short sale around $8600 on behalf of one of my JV’s (Joint Venture).   As soon as the sale closed my JV shared 30% instant commission to my PayPal account!  Wait, Wait! I’m actually not doing anything special and I have 0% knowledge about Marketing. My JV friend submitted a proposal to […]

Local Businesses Becoming Online Giants – Useful Tips

Hey Guys! Shopping at the city center or running errands around your local town lately? While doing these regular chores, if you look closely, you will find huge changes taken place over the recent years.I’m living in Northern Province Vavuniya City, but No matter where you live, I think the little guys- the small stores, independent business […]

Remove The PayPal Restriction in Srilanka

Since 2008 I’m doing all my business online, and most of my customers are Europeans and Americans. There are so many online Payment gateways available on the internet to accept their payments, but most of my target audience – Europeans and Americans – use PayPal for their electronic transactions. Of course, PayPal is a really […]

Internet Marketing for Part Time Smart People

The rapid and continuous revolution is happening by the invention made by the modern era – the internet! There are wide ranges of opportunities produced and generated by this amazing online Internet Marketing system which allows people to earn money at the comfort of their home. Therefore this exciting method of marketing has become more […]

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