Entrepreneur Visa Program Across G20 Countries

PIN Entrepreneur Visa Program
An entrepreneur is a challenger, a starter, a driver and an initiator. Somebody who creates something new may be a business, an initiative or a company. He/she is the foundation (sometimes the end) of a business venture. The entrepreneur might not be the person behind the idea, but he/she is the one who actually initiate that idea into a reality. Every entrepreneur knows the struggles of entrepreneurship and the difficulties of establishing a business. Mobility is one of the major issue faced by entrepreneurs, expanding a business in a foreign country and recruiting new talents abroad can be not only stressful but is often like a worst nightmare. Therefore G20- The international forum for the central bank governors and governments from 19 countries and the[…]

Don’t forget to Reward the People Who Helped you

PIN Helping People
This is my most recent update, and I hope sharing it will help people in management who are struggling with putting their company on the right path and making sure their employees are getting the recognition and reward they deserve for their efforts. On September 17, 2008, I started my first e-commerce business called Extreme-Seo.net. Since inception, we’ve acquired more than 14,000 international customers and over 120 local Sri Lankan customers. We’ve also delivered over 28,000 link building project reports in the last five years. [dropcap] F [/dropcap] rom May, 2012 to July 2013, I faced so many challenges in my business as well as my personal life, but I believed every problem had a solution. I knew it all depended on my mindset and[…]

My Response for The Bank Who Rejected Me

PIN My Response for The Bank Who Rejected Me 1
A few months back, I had a meeting with the higher management of one of the Sri Lankan Private Bank. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss project funding as well as another business proposal. I myself and GM Nivethan, we met them and explained everything about our project concept and functionality. Almost instantly we were discouraged by the bank officials for some irrelevant reasons! The reasons they gave were entirely irrelevant with respect to my business concept. I would have accepted their reasons if they were anywhere close to my project concepts.  Having said so, they gave a completely different explanation from unacceptable angles. The reasons that they gave are as follows: The project concept came from a Vavuniya based company and most importantly[…]