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I am an Award Winning Sri Lankan Tech Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant, and the founder of Internationally recognized, Global award-winning company employing over 50 professionals in Sri Lanka.

Apart from a deep-rooted familiarity of traditional digital marketing strategies, I am proficient in contemporary tactics like Omnichannel strategies, Performance Marketing and eCommerce conversion rate optimization. These skillsets have often allowed me to come up with innovative solutions to unique problems as a consultant for some of the top FORBES 2000 & Fortune 500 listed companies in the world.

4th October 1983

36 Yr

Sri Lanka

Vavuniya, LK

+94 771379653



Work Ethos and Achievements

I am a self-taught, result-driven marketing consultant who believes numbers and graphs do not lie.

Enterprise Digital Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Performance Marketing
Server Side Technologies
Founded 05 Companies
27 Awards Won
5000+ Campaigns Delivered
11 Years Industry Experience

Your Digital Ambassador

Let me help you grow your business with proven digital marketing and value optimization strategies.

Enterprise Digital Marketing

Every organization needs an ingenious marketing blueprint in order to expand customer outreach and conversion. A comprehensive Enterprise Digital Marketing package includes vital elements like Content Planning, Creation and Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, and more. Using an effective digital marketing funnel, I can multiply social outreach, boost brand visibility, and enhance sales figures for your business.

Omnichannel Marketing

The biggest challenge of running simultaneous marketing campaigns on multiple channels is the lack of consistency. Omnichannel marketing solves this problem by implementing a uniform multichannel sales program, which offers an integrated shopping experience for the customer. With the help of Omnichannel Life cycle campaigns I can help your brand interact with customers on multiple networks simultaneously, optimizing the user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Compelling a generic visitor to carry out a certain action like purchase a product or service, sign up for a newsletter, or download a PDF, etc. as per your plan of action, lays the foundation for Conversion Rate Optimization. Higher CRO is directly proportional to more traffic, greater profits, and customer’s engagement. Using highly personalized CRO strategies I can optimize your e-commerce website, giving you better control over how customers interact with your business.

Inbound Marketing Training

Inbound marketing is a highly-effective strategy that attracts customers by offering a valuable experience, instead of forcing content down their throats. Inbound marketing uses content marketing, blogs, and SEO to generate brand awareness. With 8 years of hands-on experience at my disposal, I can train your in-house marketing team to deliver quantitative results through highly-effective Inbound Marketing techniques that have a positive impact on your clients and their business.

Digital Marketing Framework

A successful Digital Marketing Framework consists of 5 core elements that are not necessarily linear. These include awareness, interest, consideration, action, and retention. Modern marketing no longer revolves around push sale and often requires out-of-the-box solutions. With the help of conventional or eccentric tailor-made marketing frameworks, I can drive highly-targeted convertible traffic to your website with the intention of retaining customer interest, and generating loyalty.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing puts the onus on the marketer to deliver results for generating revenue. Performance Marketing is among the most-effective strategies today as it works on the principles of target identification and segregation, quality and relevance analysis, and conversion optimization to deliver results. Let me help you create a results-driven, measurable, and sustainable plan of action, which will skyrocket your conversion rate, improve brand visibility, and enhance your reputation.

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Home 12
I have been availing Sharanyan’s digital strategies for a couple of years now and am quite satisfied with his deliverables. I am very happy with the results and hope he can keep up the good work.

Gayle – iheartmedia Inc (VP)

Home 13
Sharma delivered exceptional strategies and results for our company, without hesitating for a second, recommend Sharma to any organization looking for a professional business consultant.

Jason – Stratos Jet Charters (ADP)

Home 14
Sharanyan is a consummate and passionate entrepreneur. He possesses a unique combination of digital marketing strategies and big-picture skills, Highly recommend him.

Daryl – Grey Mouse (Founder)

Home 15
Over the course of 4 years, I’ve interviewed more than 500 entrepreneurs in our region. It’s fair to say that I’ve never met an Entrepreneur as determined as Sharanyan.

Maverick – Enterprise Asia (PM)

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