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I Had The Most Un-adventurous Time Of My Life, Here’s why!

PIN DDos Attack Mitigation
So, you are wondering what happened to this guy? Why there is no single activity on social media for past 8 days? Is he alive or dead because of his ridiculous (NOT reckless) car driving? No more guesses!  Let me tell you what exactly happened in the last 8 days, which is one of the most expensive lesson and real-time experience that I gained it from a stranger!Cut the crap and tell me what that is this? Kind of book? PDF or hardcopy? C’mon man….. It’s a massive DDoS (distributed denial of service attack) attack against one of our dedicated server which is hosted under Hivelocity Networks! Layer 4 ( Syn Flood) Attack I noticed there was a huge spike in our server CPU, RAM,[…]