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For the Second Year Venture Engine Empowers Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka

PIN Venture Engine
Last year’s event by Venture Engine was a huge success. Nine different businesses were helped to be more successful, both technologically and financially. Of these nine businesses that were helped, seven were startup businesses. This endeavor went a long way toward improving the economy of Sri Lanka, providing a much-needed boost and an increase in new businesses. Last year there were seventy applications for the nine selected positions. Anticipation is for at least that many this year and possibly even more. The application period has already begun for this year and will conclude on June 3. Responses are expected to be even greater this year than last. For the entrepreneur looking for a financial boost, this is a wonderful resource. Event Partners and Sponsors Venture Engine is[…]

Tech Startup Acceleration Program Meetup

PIN Tech Startup Acceleration Program Meetup 1
Tech Startup Acceleration – There are lots of ways to ignite your startup and set it ablaze with your profits, and there are several ways of turning those dreams into realities. Being an entrepreneur, you will get ideas every day, and possibly every hour, of your life, and this is one of the incurable diseases of being an entrepreneur. When I was growing up and living at home in 2008, I was struggling immensely because society and my family hadn’t given me much in life. Even the financial institutions wouldn’t really help me kick start my efforts. I couldn’t get my dream business off the ground, and it was three months before I made my first sale from a UK customer, and the $5 I made helped me move on with confidence[…]

My Response for The Bank Who Rejected Me

PIN My Response for The Bank Who Rejected Me 2
A few months back, I had a meeting with the higher management of one of the Sri Lankan Private Bank. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss project funding as well as another business proposal. I myself and GM Nivethan, we met them and explained everything about our project concept and functionality. Almost instantly we were discouraged by the bank officials for some irrelevant reasons! The reasons they gave were entirely irrelevant with respect to my business concept. I would have accepted their reasons if they were anywhere close to my project concepts.  Having said so, they gave a completely different explanation from unacceptable angles. The reasons that they gave are as follows: The project concept came from a Vavuniya based company and most importantly[…]