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10 Inspiring Tips – How to be a Successful Business Person

PIN Learn to become a Successful Person
Success is not enduring and failure is also not the end unless you don’t have the clear vision about yourself!! If you actually don’t know that who you are and what your strength and weakness are then probably you are the non-visionary person! I’m just an ordinary business person like you. It’s actually not about me and my success or failure stories, but it is all about how you can motivate yourself, how you can sharpen your mind and most significantly how you can help others by living your life! ” Don’t  just read success stories, Read failure stories You will get some ideas to get success! ”  Dr. Abdul Kalam The Best Dreams Happen Let me share with you a great thing which happened last[…]

My Response for The Bank Who Rejected Me

PIN My Response for The Bank Who Rejected Me 1
A few months back, I had a meeting with the higher management of one of the Sri Lankan Private Bank. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss project funding as well as another business proposal. I myself and GM Nivethan, we met them and explained everything about our project concept and functionality. Almost instantly we were discouraged by the bank officials for some irrelevant reasons! The reasons they gave were entirely irrelevant with respect to my business concept. I would have accepted their reasons if they were anywhere close to my project concepts.  Having said so, they gave a completely different explanation from unacceptable angles. The reasons that they gave are as follows: The project concept came from a Vavuniya based company and most importantly[…]