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Guest Blogging for SEO, No Longer will it Please Google?

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Finally, what Matt Cutts announced on his personal blog in January 2014 has now become a shocking reality with a guest blogging network been penalized recently by Google. The distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts had already advised the Webmasters to stop guest blogging as a link building strategy for gaining juice. Similarly, great emphasis was laid on accepting a blog post that is written by someone you can assure in terms of credibility and quality, which is also applicable to a site on which you submit the post. The announcement had already alerted the SEO community but the practical trailer has actually proven the power of the decision taken. After taking a look at this penalization, I guess most ( paid ) guest blog authors as well[…]

How to avoid Getting Your Website Penalized for Using Rich Snippets

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The concept of rich snippet spamming is totally intriguing as it looks a lot like the old fashioned meta-keyword spamming technique. It remains hidden in the website code so the users are not aware of them. However, it seems that the abuse of rich snippet affects the users in terms of search results. Therefore, Google has decided to take serious action against the website that use this type of Rich Snippets spam black hat strategies. If you are a totally legitimate website, you should be concerned about this issue because if you are reported multiple times, Google might actually block you from showing those snippets for your site. On the other hand, the spam reporting is not the best strategy that Google should use, so detecting abuse[…]

Google Disavow – A Powerful Tool To Cleanse Websites Of bad Links

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SEO or search engine optimization is a very powerful tool with the help of which you can Improve the rankings of your website. Of the many ways that help you achieve the same, adding links and back links is the best. But more often than not certain links get added to your website which might be considered as bad links by search engines like Google. In order to solve this problem of bad links and help you to remove them, Google has come up with very powerful bad link removal software known as the Google Disavow. What is Google Disavow? Getting caught up in a link spam is very easy and there are many web mischief makers who keep adding irrelevant and bad links to popular[…]

Search Engine Optimization Training for Marketing Professionals

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In this digital age, online business & marketing is growing to be an indispensable element of a company’s marketing strategy. A lot of the corporate companies are making use of the power of web to reach out their targeted customers. Search Engine Marketing and Online Lead Generation are two of the significant components of online marketing. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to render search of your business web site fruitful. Without proper SEO, you surely can’t reach mass audience through popular search engines like by Google, Bing and by Yahoo. On the other hand, Effective implementation of SEO requires synergy between the IT and the business policy makers. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop will aid a great deal in creating a bridge to[…]

Penguin Recovery Tips – Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips

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Google just added a new update Penguin to their algorithms for their search engines. This update reorders the importance of links and how they are handled. SEO optimization techniques have had very specific guidelines for getting quality links to increase your page rank. However, due to SEO over optimization by unscrupulous marketers, the new Penguin update was released. It is now essential that you have penguin recovery help to overcome the impact of this update. You can fight back using certain Penguin recovery tips. In the past, the greater the number of links to your web page, the higher in value it was considered. This gained it a higher ranking. That is true to a point. However, this new update will keep link schemes from[…]