Sever Security TipsCurrent high-profile hacking attacks establishes that the security of web is remaining as the most critical issue to be handled seriously by organizations engaged in online business. As web servers host sensitive data and information, they always become the most targeted elements of an organization. Protecting web server from hacking attacks is as important as protecting the web application or website and network around it. Are you having a secured web application with an unprotected web server? No doubt it will put your business at an immense risk. Protecting web server can be an intimidating operation and needs assistance of an experienced and expertise person in the area.

You only need to spend some hours to research and find out solutions to avoid breaching of data via server. Ensuring security of your server is vital and necessary to run a hassle-free online business venture. There are several steps to be followed to ensure your server security.

  • Take out unnecessary services: Since default operating system installations and configurations are not protected, it is recommended to avoid such installation and network services. Removing unnecessary services will supplement boost to the server performances.
  • Set up all security patches on time
  • Keep an eye on the server and audit the same periodically
  • Switch off all application extensions and unused modules
  • Use security tools given with web server software
  • Always stay informed
  • Use scanners as they can ease and automate the process of protecting web applications and web server

 You have to monitor your web application and server all the time to ensure security. It doesn’t matter if your web hosted service is dedicated, shared or outsourced. There should be someone in charge of your server security. Stay in touch with the professional who monitors your server security to know the actual status of your server.  Make sure that you are informed about the policy and protocol used to overcome any kind of danger. However, it is worth to mention that most of technical problems in a website are not from server maintenance niche but from bugs in the code of site or bad maintenance.

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  1. The Best Life Quotes February 12, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Hi, thanks for writing such a detailed article. i understand the consequences of online attacks like viuses, so it is crucial that you ensure that you have the tools to defend your business from any unauthorised access. That’s why security experts work with you to minimise the risk of downtime by carefully assessing any vulnerabilities.

    Regular server audits are important to keep your dedicated solution free from weaknesses.


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