The ongoing Coronavirus lockdown is inevitably having an impact on the mental health of people around us. Yesterday, One of good friend’s sister committed suicide. She felt lonely, depressed, stressed, and anxious because of the #lockdown that she pushed herself to take her own life.

Common reactions to COVID-19

What I was unfortunate to see is not limited only to Sri Lanka. Across all corners of the world, people are going through similar conditions, and to be honest, all of us have no prior experience with something like this. The only thing is some of us are better prepared to weather this situation and some of us are not. Now that lockdowns are extending, many of us are feeling a sense of loss, loss of hope, loneliness, and despair.

Increasing Mental Health Issues & Suicidal Thoughts Amid COVID-19

According to the data, 80 people killed themselves due to loneliness and fear of being tested positive for the virus. The suicides are followed by migrants dying in accidents on their way back home (51), deaths associated with withdrawal symptoms (45), and those related to starvation and financial distress (36). – Source – Economic Times
Not everyone needs financial support or a steady supply of essentials. For some of us, interactions between our friends, those small wins like buying ice cream from a street vendor, having that plain tea while going home after work, skipping that stone across the lake while we walk to the school are the things that keep us motivated and looking forward to more. For a long time now, we haven’t had that opportunity to do the small things that keep us motivated.

Take care of yourself and your community

More than any time before now is the time for all of us to come together and take care of each other. Imagine, what if we spend just 10-15 minutes to check with our friends and relatives with questions like:
1) Hey, how are you?
2) How’s it going?
3) Is everything okay?
2) Is there anything that I can do to help?
3) I am here to help. Is there anything you would like me to do?
We are NOT just here to generate leads and connections! but truly care about the world and our people. Trust me, your five-minute call could save someone’s life!

Let’s do this, TOGETHER!

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