10 Inspiring Tips – How to be a Successful Business Person

Success is not enduring and failure is also not the end unless you don’t have a clear vision about yourself!! If you actually don’t know that who you are and what your strength and weakness are then probably you are a non-visionary person! I’m just an ordinary business person like you. It’s actually not about me and my success or failure stories, but it is all about how you can motivate yourself, how you can sharpen your mind, and most significantly how you can help others by living your life!

” Don’t just read success stories, Read failure stories You will get some ideas to get success! ”  Dr. Abdul Kalam

The Best Dreams Happen

Let me share with you a great thing which happened last week! I usually re-invest a specific percentage of the yearly net profit to the fresh startups of an entirely different niche. You can see my investor profile from Angel.co or ClubAh!  I have recently received an investment opportunity from a venture capital firm, based in Bangalore, India, which is consenting to invest with my parent company, Extreme SEO Internet Solutions.

They checked my company profile, my business plan, my sales traction, and other important aspects! Thereafter they’ve also conducted the Off-site due diligence report of my company by the Colombo-based business consultancy agency! A day before yesterday I finally received their final response which pointed out two main aspects:

  • My company is located in the Northern Province, Vavuniya! So it is highly affected and war zone border
  • Lankan banks don’t allow to send the remittance outside Sri Lanka for any business purpose till you have the approval of BOI and CBSL and this process is really not easy.

Therefore, they said, if I would relocate my business to India, Singapore, or to Malaysia then there are 100% chances to get funding! Well, that’s simply impossible!!! The first aspect is absolutely a false statement, yet agree with their second reason.

However, I have another investor as well.  There is always a left loophole for each problem, the question is how you will manage this situation instead of playing a blame game and blaming the government and its policies. You need to find out a legal way for managing this situation! Hence, I wrote some helpful and important tips which are the step-by-step plan of action. Here we go:

1) Don’t play the victim role

Believe in yourself and in your own abilities! We are often encouraged to blame our own shortcomings on the actions of our parents, the obstacles placed in our way by the government, or on those that we believe want us to fail. While, in some circumstances, it may be true that these factors are working against us, letting them keep us from reaching our goals denies the simple truth that you have control over your own life and your own success.

2) A life led by a purpose

People who are successful know that they are doing what they were always meant to do. This doesn’t mean that your purpose cannot change or that one person can have many different life goals. It is simply that life is fuller, happier, and more rewarding when we strive for our own individual purposes. Do not let the winds and whims of life lead you. Instead, make clear decisions, especially when it comes to your entrepreneurial endeavors.

3) Learn to embrace sacrifice

All great and worthwhile things will come at some cost. Time, money, relationships—whatever the cost is, consider carefully if you are willing to pay it or not. Those big and beautiful things that we all want in life may be wealth, security, and a fast car. You may want them, but are you prepared to sacrifice what is needed to be sacrificed in order to get them? Decide now whether or not your goals are worthy of the required sacrifices. 

4) Establish achievable goals 

The hardest part about setting a goal is actually staying focused enough to achieve it. With all the other demands on your time, it can be beyond difficult to actively and constantly work towards the goal you want to achieve. The truth is that you will have to give up some things. You will absolutely have to cut some things from your life in order to obtain that larger payoff down the line. Do not give up and use smaller goals to keep you motivated while the long-term, harder goal comes to fruition. 

5) Gain authority in your field

I love this amazing quote” Give it a try, Fail faster” from Avinash Kaushik. If you are an authority in your field, people will seek you out. This reflects the seriousness in building your career, without which, you would ultimately fail. When you are constantly working to become the best in your field, you will continuously be improving and working harder. Be the best in everything that you do and do not waste your time on useless things. Remember, every moment can be used to striving for excellence.

6) Make a timeline for goal achievement

So, you have spent countless hours writing your 2014 resolution plan. But how many of you seriously will implement it in your planning? Lofty goals are achievable, but only when you figure out how to reach them, not just that you want to achieve them. When you set your goals, also set your achievement plan.

7) Failure is out of the question

If there is a goal you really want to achieve, you cannot give up. If it is something that you really, desperately want, quitting will not be one of your options. If it ever feels like an option, remind yourself of why you have started everything. When you first begin, assume that there will be points you want to give up and plan your escape route. Learn how to motivate yourself, and when you start to feel that it becomes too much, step back and remind yourself why you wanted this, why this is beneficial, and how you can keep moving forward. You do not have to make significant progress every day. Remember, even tiny steps are steps forward. When you feel like stopping, look back at all you’ve achieved.

8) Use your time wisely

You are responsible for your next second, so don’t let time control you! There are so many things in our lives that make us waste time and procrastinate. While it is impossible to cut all off these things from our lives, keep in mind that you only have a short amount of time to make things happen. When that time is up, if you have not done what you needed to do, you will fall behind. Do not let this discourage you, instead use it to work harder and faster.

9) Take a break once in a while

As important as it is to make practical use of your time, remember that overworking yourself is just as bad as not working hard enough. It will stifle your creativity and you will make it impossible to progress. Give yourself some room to breathe. Many people, especially creative people, get their best ideas when they are not even trying to work. Sometimes, you will be sitting in a nice, warm bath, just trying to relax, and you will have a brilliant idea. Taking some time away from work will give your brain the time and space it needs to process information, so don’t neglect your vacation time.

10) Invest passion in your business

If it is just something you “like” (not something you love), it will become a chore, just like any other job before it. Instead, make sure that it is something you want to throw your life into. If it’s not, do not feel bad about choosing a different path. Life is short, and it should be spent doing something you truly love.


I wrote this post based on my past experience and the events that happened in my life! Sharing such information with same-minded people will be a good idea where you don’t want to commute the same way I did! Now it’s your time, What’s your passion? Already following above mentioned hacks? Awesome! I’d love to hear all about them in the comment 🙂


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