How To Successfully Market And Promote Your First eBook

Have you done writing your first book? Well, if that’s your first book, it’s going to be difficult to find buyers for it. Why? That’s because people don’t know about you yet. More importantly, they haven’t read your book before, so they will be a little bit reluctant to buy your book. But, there is a way around that.

According to Forester, eBook sales are expected to reach 9.7 BILLION by 2016.

A few days back I wrote a simple short report about” LinkedIn for Marketers “, This is my second eBook and I used many, but different promotion strategies to get more eyeballs. According to my kissmetrics analytic goal; I can see 1627 total downloads within 14 days. of course, You can build your own platform in order to market your first book. I’m gonna write a short post about ” how to publish an ebook ”  using your own blog.

You can create a blog to market and promote your first book to your audience. It is going to take time before you can see your first sale, but it will only get better once you’re able to build authority with your blog. Here are 5 simple, yet powerful methods to use your blog to successfully market your first book:

1. Use Your Personal Blog To Build Your Platform

Every successful author has their own blog platform. They use their platform to build their fan base and market their writings. If you want to succeed with your first book, this is what you’re going to do. You have to use your own blog as your marketing platform to publishing your eBook. Remember, you are building your blog to attract new fans to your writings. You are not using it to build your traffic and put some ads in it so that you can make some money. No, you are using your blog to sell your book. This is the purpose that you need to remember because most new authors will easily deviate from this purpose after some time.

2. Don’t Forget To Use Your Mailing List Effectively

The most effective way to build your fan base is to use a mailing list on your blog. Again, this is what many new authors miss. They just create a new blog and start writing content after content, without any intention to build a list out of their blog traffic. This is wrong. If you want to attract the attention of your readers and make them want to stick their attention toward your works, you have to use your mailing list to promote your works to them. Your blog alone doesn’t cut it. On the other hand, by using a mailing list, you will be able to create personal communication with your readers.

3. Always Get Your Audience First Before Releasing Your Book

Don’t release your book right away. This is the rule of engagement that you have to follow. Before releasing your book, you have to gather your audience first on your blog, fan page, or your G+ Page/profile for creating a teaser about your upcoming release and updates. In other words, you have to capture loyal readers on your blog first before releasing your first book in front of them. This strategy will help you to promote your book more successfully to your audience because you will make them familiarize themselves with your writing before asking them to read your book. You can write a free book that will help to presell your main book in the meantime. Don’t forget to ask your readers’ feedback. Once you get positive feedback’s from them, then it’s time for you to release your book.

4. Build Raving Fans For Your Work

Remember that what you are aiming for here is to build raving fans for your work. You can’t do it without making them satisfied with the work that you do. For instance, if your readers buy your book and they don’t feel satisfied with it, they will not be willing to read your other books in the future. On the other hand, if they buy your book and they feel satisfied with it, they will buy your other books in the future. They will become your raving fans (i.e. your loyal customers). So, it’s important for you to build raving fans for your work. In order to do that, you have to check the quality of the work that you do on your blog, whether it is a blog post, podcast, video, infographic, or free report. You need to make your readers feel satisfied with your work and leave them wanting more.

5. Measure The Results and Go For The Next Project

If you already have success in your first book launch, don’t stop there. Many authors will usually become too proud of their first success that they think that writing their first book is the only thing that matters. Remember that soon or later, your book will be forgotten by your readers, as there will be better books that are being released in the future. If your book is forgotten, your name will be forgotten as well. So, even though you have success in marketing your first book, this is not the end of the road for you. You have to go for the next project and keep your readers mesmerized with your other works. Release your second book after a few months, and then release the third book. You have to keep doing the necessary work to keep yourself productive so that your readers will not stop following you.


Those are the tips that you can follow in order to successfully market your first book with your blog. It’s simple to build a blog, and it’s simple to write a blog post and publish it on your blog. Why don’t you use this virtual asset to your advantage? If you are an aspiring author, you can always build your own platform and promote your own writings with your blog. Now, Which of these methods would perform well on your next book publishing? Leave a comment below?


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