December 2020 Google Algorithm Update

SEOs are running to check their rankings after hearing about December 2020 Core Update rollout. Some SEOs thought we might not get another core update from Google in 2020 but we did. Google has launched the December 2020 Core Update on December 3. This is the third Google core update of the 2020 year; it comes after the May 2020 core update which was released seven months ago. Historically, Google has released a Google core algorithm update every few months or so. But this time it has taken a bit longer. It seems like the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the rollout of Google’s next core algorithm update.

The Roll Out Announcement

Google tweeted announcing the December 2020 core update rollout, where Google said “Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the December 2020 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before.”

Google December 2020 Core Update started rolling out at 1 pm ET on December 3, which is approximately two and a half hours after Google said it would roll out. As is typical with these Google core updates, the December 2020 Core Update will typically take about one to two weeks to fully roll out.” But some websites are reporting huge changes like over 30% or more in less than 24 hours since it began to roll out.


  • SEOs’ Reactions on the December 2020 Core Update.

Obviously, the instant response from the SEO community to the launch of the December 2020 Core Algorithm Update is anxiety and fear. Normally SEOs and website owners expect the worst when it comes to Google core algorithm updates. However, these core updates are also opportunities for websites to be rewarded for their SEO efforts over the past several months. It’s especially true for the websites that are negatively impacted by previous Google core updates.

With a new core algorithm update Google will reconsider how Websites’ content should rank after the changes made to the website since the last Google core update. At the same time, websites that have been attentively working toward improving their rankings may see misfortunes. In nutshell, websites’ rankings can move around quite a bit over the coming weeks.

  • What Search Tracking Tools Are Showing?

Here’s what SERP rank tracking tools are showing. There were lots of movements on the SERP in the previous few days. And it looks like most of the SERP rank tracking tools are spiking with the start of the December 2020 Core Update rollout. Let’s take a look at what these tools are showing. Checkout the SEMRush SERP volatility for the last 30 days:

  • What to Do If You Are Hit by The December 2020 Core Update?

Google’s guidelines regarding the core update remain the same as it always has been where Google has given guidance on what to consider if your website is negatively impacted by a Google core update. There aren’t any specific actions to take to recover if website rankings drop after a Google core update. But, Google has provided a list of questions to consider if your website is hit by a Google core update. Google Core Algorithm Updates are intended to improve the overall quality of search results and to provide the best possible results to the searchers. Therefore, Google always recommends webmasters and SEOs to make their website content the best it can be.

So, keeping Google’s guidance in mind, improve your website’s content, SEO and E-A-T. In my previous blog about May 2020 Core Update, you can find effective ways to improve your website’s content, SEO and E-A-T.


Whenever Google releases its search ranking core algorithm updates, it means that your website can do better or worse in the SERP results. Knowing when Google makes these core updates gives us the chance to monitor our websites and do the needful changes to improve our website’s ranking and performance on the SERP. Now, we know Google started rolling out its December 2020 Core Update, so keep an eye on your analytics and rankings.

We’ll need to wait to see the full impact of the December 2020 Core Update, In the meantime, let me know how you did with this core update so far.


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