GMB Update – Upgraded Google My Business Profile Program

Hope you heard the news right? Yes, Google starts offering new Upgraded Google My Business Profile Program

In April 2019, Google tested the idea of subscription-based services for Google My Business. Now it’s reported to be offering Upgraded Google My Business Profiles for a $50/month subscription. But, this new program is not officially announced yet. Apparently, this new service seems in the testing phase.

Local Search expert, Tom Waddington (@tomwaddington8), tweeted about this newly upgraded Google My Business program.

This is what he said in his tweet:

“Google starting to offer an upgraded Business Profile (Google My Business listing) for $50/month that will add the Google Guaranteed badge to the listing and back services the business provides with the Google Guarantee.”

This new service program offers businesses to upgrade their Google My Business account to a $50/month plan that would promote a refund guarantee and feature a green icon signifying that the business was Google Guaranteed. This green icon feature appears to be trust-related badging that can help businesses earn more clients.

As the offer stated like this:

“Make it easy for customers to choose you

Stand out with an upgraded business profile and the Google Guaranteed badge. Just $50/month for eligible businesses.”

There are some additional features related to the service that includes the following:

  1. Agreeing to the use of binding arbitration.
  2. Agreeing to surrender the right to jury trials.
  3. Class action lawsuits for resolving disputes.

Later Tom shared more details about this new Google My Business program via his Tweets, where he stated that the new program seems too limited to select local service providers.

He also proposed that businesses already in the Local Services program would be the ones from which Google might pick for an upgraded Google My Business profile.

In the continuous discussion, Tom suggested that most businesses would be keen to have an upgraded GMB profile once their competitors have one.

Obviously, he has a valid point! A business could begin losing its customers to its competitors if potential customers view their GMB profile as less trustworthy than another business that has the upgraded badging which signaling the particular business is guaranteed by Google. As we all know trust is an important factor in convincing a customer to approach a service provider, this upgraded badging help business to attract customers.

Insights on Google My Business.

The Upgraded Google My Business cost is $50 per month which subject to Google Guaranteed’s normal eligibility rules, that include background and licensing checks. The yearly cost of the upgraded program would be $600 when the eligibility requirements are met.

According to, this Google Guaranteed was introduced in connection with Local Services Ads dates from April 30, 2020, to instill greater consumer trust and confidence in the advertised businesses. But, it has also advanced into a different program used to certify local businesses to ensure their presence in Google Home/Assistant search results.

Last year, Google announced a similar program for professional services called Google Screened. So, Screened will be next if Google decides to roll out upgraded Google My Business profiles to professional services categories.


In my assumption this new program has two paths forward: one, Google adds new features to the “upgraded Google My business profile” that give added incentives to participate, and Second, there will be an a la carte approach, similar to what Yelp has done with its licensing related trust badging.

As mentioned above an upgraded Google My business profile may become necessary for businesses to use against their competitors to attract leads.

What do you think; will it be effective than the old positive word of mouth approach?



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