Top 25 Important LinkedIn Groups Every Marketer & Decision Maker Should Join

With over 675 million+ users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social network for professionals. Whether want to grow business connections, stay up to date with the latest trends in the industries or learn best practices from the experts, LinkedIn is a one-stop-shop for marketers and decision-makers who are looking to advance their skills and career.

Creating a LinkedIn profile, connecting with the peers in your industry, and regularly posting about the professional happenings and updates in your industry is a great way to start using LinkedIn, but if you want to get the real benefits of LinkedIn then you need to participate in LinkedIn groups. By providing relevant and quality content to groups and taking part in thoughtful conversations, you’ll be able to build trust, integrity, credibility, and authority within the industry.

Discovering the best business and marketing related groups on LinkedIn is somehow a fool’s errand, but you may be amazed by what you find here! With that said, here are the top 25 LinkedIn groups to get you started.

LinkedIn Groups for Business

  1. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is one of the leading business groups on LinkedIn for smart management thinking. Harvard Business Review (HBR) offers professionals around the globe rigorous insights and best practices to lead themselves and their firms more efficiently and to make a positive impact.

The HBR  community including insightful discussions about passion, values, innovation, leadership, and management in the workplace and the HBR  publication itself comes out 10 times per year and focuses on topics like business strategy, operations, marketing, finance, management, and leadership. In HBR, you can often see some of the business’s top thinkers like Peter Drucker and Theodore Levitt. So, in short, HBR is a premier business community you should be a part of if you enjoy learning from thought leaders and want to go beyond visions exclusively focused on marketing.

  1. Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine is a group of 91,900+ members focused on the topics associated with entrepreneurs. The guys and gals who run the group also own the URL and do the publication of Entrepreneur Magazine which covers everything related to entrepreneurship.

At Entrepreneur Magazine group, you can leverage your professional network and Communications. By subscribing to their publication and request to join the group (members only), you can get your digital supply of “entrepreneurialism, small business management, and business opportunities.”

  1. On Startups – The Community for Entrepreneurs

On Startups is the largest entrepreneurial startup group on LinkedIn with 627,900+members. This hefty-sized LinkedIn group affords entrepreneurs who seek to learn from and find out significant thought leadership in their careers.

On Startups group is concentrated on topics like sales, operations, financing, and hiring. But of course, if you want to have a discussion about startups or small business-related topics, then they won’t turn you away.

  1. Business Development

Business Development is a LinkedIn group where you will find like-minded individuals in business development, business management, demand generation, marketing, sales, and inside sales operation fields that too primarily in tech companies.

In short, it’s a wonderful place to learn how to effectively turn your professional contacts into your customers. This professional business group has 338,900+members, therefore it’s a great place to improve your business opportunities and learn from other professional people to boost your business.

  1. Executive Suite

Executive Suite is a professional group with 353,300+ members which is operated by ExecuNet. Here you can find business leaders, recruiters, corporate hiring decision-makers, and coaches. The purpose of this private network for senior-level executives is to provide executive-level peer connections and reliable advice to help you create the transformative results you want to achieve in your work,  career, and life.

As a member, you will get the chance to attend free sessions of the much-admired online executive learning series, ExecuNet Master Class: The weekly sessions are led by A-list CEOs, leadership pioneers, top B-school professors, wellness experts, and acclaimed executive career strategists and recruiters.

LinkedIn Groups for Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most exciting and vibrant groups on LinkedIn for digital marketing professionals with 1,356,000+ members. As one of the largest groups, this community is chock-full of inspiration, motivation, captivating discussions, and detailed tips and best practices for the digital marketing landscape and include discussion topics like social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online PR, email marketing, online advertising, measurement, and web analytics and lot more.

In this group, you can also get updates to the latest whitepapers and industry reports which keep you updated on trends, innovation, and best practices in digital marketing. Digital Marketing also organizes exciting event programs of conferences, social and networking events to bring the digital marketing community together.

  1. Inbound Marketers – For Marketing Professionals

Inbound Marketers is created by HubSpot’s own Dharmesh Shah. Now the group has 148,000+ members and provides tips & tricks, techniques, templates, and tutorials for planning and executing successful inbound marketing strategies for your business.

It’s a community for those who are looking to reach their best customers online through techniques like inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media.

  1. Marketing I Social Media I Business I Digital Media l CMO I Life Coaching Marketing I Social Media I Business I Digital Media l CMO I Life Coaching

This group is the largest group on LinkedIn with almost 800,000 members and it’s intended for anyone interested in digital marketing, as it focuses on topics related to social media, search, email, mobile, web marketing, and general inbound marketing.

There are high chances to meet your fellow marketing friends and coworkers in this group.

  1. SOLUTIONators for Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Digital Advertising, Promotion, and PR Innovation

Do you want to talk about different strategies? Looking for some inspiration for your next marketing campaign? Then this group is for you! As this group is for networking with marketing, social media, public relations, promotions, sales & selling professionals, you can get to know these professionals’ innovations and strategies to optimize your own strategic plans.

Also, you can share your best practices, ideas, advice & solutions with others. Even you’ll receive invitations to participate in  webinars, workshops, conferences & events featuring “world-famous innovation experts & gurus.”

  1. B2B Technology Marketing Community

The B2B Technology Marketing Community is an extremely involved group on Linked for B2B tech marketing with 120,800+ members. This group is created for marketing professionals to get the hottest digital marketing news, facilitate networking, giving out ideas, best practices, and opportunities.

If you love Q&A sessions and enthusiastically join in group discussions, this one’s for you!

  1. B2B Marketing

If you’re a marketer who concentrates primarily on B2B, this is an exclusive group for you to join. Here you can gauge the views of other B2B marketers, seek advice from industry peers, and offer help to those who need it.

These group discussions cover most of the B2B topics like content marketing, customer experience, social media, lead generation, professional development, email, and much more. Also, you’ll learn all about the trials and tribulations related with the B2B sector and how you can go about winning your biggest challenges with marketing to these companies.

  1. Non-Profit Marketing

Non-Profit Marketing is the largest and most active nonprofit marketing group on LinkedIn with 97,000+ members. If you’re a nonprofit marketer, this community is the primary place to meet and network with other nonprofit marketers on the social podium as well as learn how to use Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Donor Relations, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Social Media, Digital Engagement, and inbound marketing successfully for your Non-Profit organization.

LinkedIn Groups for Sales

  1. Sales Best Practices

The Sales Best Practices group is for marketers who have an interest in sales. With 332,000+ members this group creates a platform for marketers to share their experiences and solutions that relates to Selling, marketing, and Best Practices.

The most common discussion topics in this group are Sales Development/Prospecting,  Marketing, Cold Calls, Productivity, Team management, Business Strategy, Sales Tools or Software (CRM), Closing Strategies, and Recruitment. It’s an optimal place to get a glimpse of what sales best practices really look like.

  1. Sales / Marketing VP Forum (CSO / CMO / Leadership / Executives / Management)

Sales / Marketing VP Forum (CSO / CMO / Leadership / Executives / Management) is an exclusive LinkedIn group for Sales & Marketing Executives. This group is a Peer2Peer discussions forum that uses a Q&A format.”

With 257,00+ members, this group actively discusses the topics related to sales and marketing executives. If you like to get inspired by super-smart thought leaders, this group is a prime one to join.

LinkedIn Groups for Finance

  1. Angel Investor

Getting funding, however, is more tough than you might think because there are a lot of people with ideas out there battling for it. So, Angel Investor group on LinkedIn is created with the goal to share deal flow (potential opportunities), feedback, due diligence work, and pool funds to make larger seed fund investments in high-growth business start-ups in trade for exchangeable debt or ownership equity.

They seek a 30x return over 5 years & an exit strategy. With 42,000+ members this group is a place to learn tips on getting financing.

  1. New Routes to Funding – ICOs, Crowdfunding and Beyond

This is the largest discussion group on LinkedIn that  Crowdsourcing the Entrepreneurs and Investors for innovation and deployment of their local Startups.

This is a great place for entrepreneurs trying to stay up to date on crowdfunding news and resources and for main street investors to put small sums of money in projects they love.

  1. Finance Plus: Private Equity, Venture Capital and M&A News

Finance Plus is a group for business finance and investment professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers of small and medium-sized businesses, listed companies, and financial service businesses like investment boutiques investment banks.

This group provides insights into the news from private equity, venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions. Therefore, being a part of this group is a great way to incorporate larger CFO perspectives into your business.

LinkedIn Groups for Social Media

  1. – ️ New Home of Social Media Marketing Group

Social Media Marketing is the largest and most active social media marketing group on LinkedIn. This group is large community-led and moderated by an excellent group of managers. The group has 20 sub-groups for specialist topics related to social media like Social Media Marketing and Non-Profits, and Social Media and Politics.

If you crave new insights on social media, this is the ideal group to join. As a member of this group, you will receive weekly messages in your inbox with great resources and webinars, in addition to the energetic discussion from the broad social media community.

  1. Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an active community of social media professionals and professionals in PR, marketing, advertising, or any other discipline where a thorough understanding of social networks is important.

This group is operated by Social Media Today and the team at Industry Dive. With 251,000+ members, this group is brimming with experienced professionals sharing best practices and tips on social media and social media management. From this community, you’ll also learn more insights and trends about social currency, brand advocacy, or the importance of social media.

LinkedIn Groups for SEO

  1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a must-in group for news and information about search engine marketing, SEO, PPC, and how search engines work. You’ll learn everything from penalty fixes to the latest and greatest best practices in SEO from this group.

By just speedily checking the most popular discussions in this group, you’ll get the instant fix you need to better your search strategies.

  1. Moz

Moz is a LinkedIn group to learn accurately about the best practices, struggles, and challenges top SEOs are facing. This group creates informative resources and produces better marketing feasible for everyone by providing marketing software, robust APIs for link data, and social influence. Also, presents the web’s most vibrant society of online marketers.

The main highlight of this group is the ability to post questions and get instant answers from marketing pros far and wide around the world.

  1. Marketing Group Digital SEO Search Social Mobile App Data Internet Media Brand CRM PR Jobs

This group is for Digital Marketing professionals who are looking to lead business success via the digital highway. Here you get expert knowledge and tips to targeted SEO, Social Mobile App Data, affiliates Internet Media, Brand PR, Internet Marketing & Digital Marketing.

It’s a platform for all professionals like Search Experts, Pros, Analysts, Internet Marketers, Website managers, business owners, recruiters, Hiring HR, service providers. Join this group on LinkedIn, if you’re interested in contributing or listening to some of the most contentious SEO optimization topics on the web.

LinkedIn Groups for Content

  1. Content Strategy

Content Strategy is a group for content creators to learn about enterprise content strategy and content operations which includes creating, publishing, and managing content. Here you can also learn about content related to marketing, technical, UX, and microcontent.

This group will get you planning more tactically about every blog post, webinar, or eBook you create, which could use when you’re trying to boost your lead generation.

  1. Professional Bloggers

Professional Bloggers group is one of the most popular blog-specific communities on LinkedIn. If you want to emphasize more on your content’s mission, vision, and general blog strategy join this community on LinkedIn and start discussing with like-minded marketers to pick up their tips and best practices to apply in your blog content.

Also, you can get their insights to promote and market your blog posts.

  1. Creative Design Pros – Designers Forum

Creative Design Pros is a LinkedIn group for professional designers from different backgrounds in graphic design, web design, fashion industrial design, advertising designs, illustration, animation, and interior design. Even Though this group is geared for professional designers, I recommend any inbound marketer to gets into this group for observation and learning.

This group is filled with experienced designers sharing their best graphic design tips and best practices. From this LinkedIn community, you’ll also learn more about the lifestyle and work of a designer and get ideas on how to build a good relationship with your design team.

Bonus: A LinkedIn Group for Inspiration

TEDspire – BLOGS about Inspiring TED Talks

This is a group for the people who enjoy TED Talks. The group shares blogs centers around “the thought-provoking TED Talks offered by” But, this is not a debating group, rather a gathering of well-mannered people who wish to learn more about their world.

Marketers and decision-makers have a lot to do with being inspired and TED Talks is the perfect fit to seek inspiration.


Marketing and decision making is tough business. I know, trust me I do. It cannot be done alone. Without a network of valuable connections, we become our own resources. That is asking a lot from ourselves. Therefore, it is so important for marketers and decision-makers to have a group(s) of people to validate their strategies and decisions. So, here are the top-picked list of LinkedIn groups for marketers and decision-makers where you can learn the different aspects of business, marketing, finance, sales, management, leadership, decision making, and a lot more from the industry experts and use their valuable insights and best practices to enhance your marketing and decision making skills that can assist you to run your business successfully.

Feel free to share your comments below. Let me know other LinkedIn groups you’re aware of that marketers and decision-makers would find useful. Thanks for stopping by!



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