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Technology has evidently driven the entire industry of payments from within as well as without. These days’ payment systems will definitely not be just possible devoid of any astonishing computing as well as networking milestones to achieve more than the past 40 years. Most interestingly enough, such kind of technology is completely responsible for enormous growth in the volume of electronic payments itself.

Let us see an overview about Payoneer:

Most of you are well aware of Payoneer and so it is considered as the method for default payment processing. Usually, we generally send the funds from the Merchants or through Market Place from Payoneer. Such type of process would also take a quite long time for a minimum of 5-6 days as well as a lump sum amount that will get deducted as the service charge from the original or the actual amount of withdrawal.

Moreover, if you will be going to accept the online payments from the user as well as the customer then you need to ask him to pay such amount through Payoneer mode of “Card Loading Services”. The earliest even module of Payoneer Card loading will accept just Credit card Payments as well as Verification Process that will take about 3-4 days. But the features of current uploading seem to be just awesome and wonderful, now we may upload the funds from a credit card or the debit card to the Payoneer account promptly. For any kind of fraud verification, the purpose of Payoneer holds such funds for about 48 hours, however, after 48 hours the fund repeatedly gets deposited into the account. It is truly believed that if you have a Payoneer Virtual US bank account so you can ask the customers to transfer the funds directly to US Virtual Bank Account.

Now, the question is that how does Payoneer works?

The Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card works similarly to any other prepaid debit card so it may be used for making online purchases, in the stores, and also at the worldwide ATMs where the MasterCard and the Visa cards are being accepted.

Payoneer MasterCard is considered to be the best gateway of payment which allows you to withdraw and to receive your online payments from several different publishers all across the globe. However, with help of the affiliate program of Payoneer, you will be able to earn decent money. You will also send money to different Payoneer debit cardholders. Moreover, Payoneer also has a power of the MasterCard, with which you may make the transactions / you can make payments / you can do the purchases through almost all website which supports MasterCard through the pre-loaded funds that are available at Payoneer account. This is basically a prepaid master card that permits you to make the purchases within limits of the available funds at the debit card; dissimilar to the credit cards that lend you the credit and that also charge you later with their extra mark-up and interest charges.

Are you planning to upload your private funds to a Payoneer card? If yes, then certainly Payoneer provides the service to upload the funds through Private Load Service that allows you for loading of the funds to your card through Visa and MasterCard. At the same time, US residents can fund their accounts through the US bank account. With the change of time, people are considering Payoneer as the best and appropriate method for money transferring. But why Payoneer is considered to be highly suitable?

Professionals, as well as small businesses all around the world, can quickly, simply as well as cost-effectively receive the funds for the services that are rendered on the products sold. For the identical payers as well as payees, Payoneer removes the geographical borders & confirms smooth, cost-effective transactions from any place of the world. The most wonderful thing about the prepaid debit Mastercard of Payoneer is that you need not pay any kind of charges to make any online purchases. You will only get charged for the actual amount which you have spent while doing the shopping or purchasing. On the other hand, you will need to bear the maintenance, load as well withdrawal at the ATM charges. Any kind of MasterCard supported the bank would be able to even withdraw the funds from ATM or Automatic Teller Machine. Several famous publisher networks like AdStract, InfoLinks, freelancing companies such as oDesk, pay the publishers as well as the freelancers with the Payoneer MasterCard.

Let us see the different transaction options at Payoneers

  • Card Loading Request: If you are going to ask your customer to pay via Payoneer Card Loading Method, then you should better collect the customer email address and should send the uploading invitation from the Payoneer Customer portal. Alternatively, anyone can load money to your prepaid card or using your registered email Payoneer private load method.
  • US Virtual Bank: If you will prefer transaction methods of US virtual bank then give the US virtual bank account details to the customer, if the US ACH accounts as well as Online Checking account then this is actually simple.
  • Withdraw Fund: Before you go to any ATM withdrawal, just Login the Payoneer customer portal & then you can check your account balance. Here, you should avoid the request of insufficient Withdrawal as there is a penalty of 0.90$ if on-hold funds are credited to the account.

What are the applicable fees and how can I minimize them?

The transaction fees, withdrawal, and loading fees may differ between different programs. If the purchase is done in other than US$ currency the conversion fees would be applicable up to 3% through MasterCard. It is important to note that this conversion fee is not charged by Payoneer as it does not get any benefit from it but it is the fee applicable to every MasterCard while converting the currency. There is a flat fee while sending the payment to the Payoneer account. If you like to withdraw the funds from ATM, there are applicable fees for cash withdrawal. To avoid the cash withdrawal fee, just use the card directly at a merchant that accepts the debit MasterCard cards. This is being said, for any transaction which is made in the currency apart from USD is also subject to 3% fees for currency conversion which is imposed by MasterCard.

You can consolidate the ATM usage by withdrawing the maximum amount which is permitted by the Payoneer card as well as ATM. For instance, the $3.00 fee on about $100 withdrawal costs you about 3% of hard-earned cash. Similarly, withdrawal of $250 will only cost you about 1.2%. In such a way you can minimize your fees charged on withdrawal through ATM.

You can withdraw the funds from Payoneer to Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard through which you can do the shopping from any online stores and can also withdraw funds from the worldwide ATMs and that also in any currency. You can also withdraw the funds to Local Bank Account; all you need to do is just choose the currency and the amount that needs to be withdrawn. With this, you can enjoy early transfers in more than 70 currencies and over 200 countries. Moreover, you may also withdraw the funds to your Local eWallets and can enjoy wonderful flexibility by withdrawing the funds from your Payoneer account to the local eWallet.

The pros offered by Payoneer: It demands a great level of commitment as well as responsibility from their employees and in response it permits personal growth with fascinating work of money transfer. It offers a complete solution to global payment. However, there doesn’t seem to be specific cons of Payoneer.


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