Entrepreneur Visa Program Across G20 Countries

An entrepreneur is a challenger, a starter, a driver, and an initiator. Somebody who creates something new may be a business, an initiative, or a company. He/she is the foundation (sometimes the end) of a business venture. The entrepreneur might not be the person behind the idea, but he/she is the one who actually initiates that idea into a reality.

Every entrepreneur knows the struggles of entrepreneurship and the difficulties of establishing a business. Mobility is one of the major issues faced by entrepreneurs, expanding a business in a foreign country and recruiting new talents abroad can be not only stressful but is often like the worst nightmare.

Therefore G20- The international forum for the central bank governors and governments from 19 countries and the European Union, offers “Entrepreneur Visa Program” for the G20 countries to motivate the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by a collaborative effort among the G20 countries. The concept of the G20 “Entrepreneur Visa Program” is created on the similar ethics as the “Working Holiday Visa”.

Let’s have a look at the entrepreneur visa program across the G20 countries.


This visa permits entrepreneurs to own and manage a business in Australia; it also allows conducting business and investment activity or entrepreneurial activity in Australia. Australia offers visas in seven major categories: Business Innovation stream, Investor stream, Significant Investor stream, Business Innovation Extension stream, Significant Investor Extension stream, Premium Investor stream, and Entrepreneur stream.

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The Brazil investment visa lets a foreigner live and work in Brazil. The investment visa container can take along his or her family to Brazil he/she can come and go to Brazil as per his/her wishes. The visa owner will be preserved as an ordinary Brazilian citizen but excluding from political and voting rights.

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Canada offers two types of visa programs for entrepreneurs: Start-up Visa Program and Self-Employed program. A Start-up visa allows Groundbreaking entrepreneurs to start a business and generating jobs in Canada, On the other hand, a Self-employed visa lets people immigrate to Canada permanently as self-employed people.

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  1. Start-up Visa Program
  2. Self-Employed Program


France offers three types of visa programs for entrepreneurs: French Tech Ticket program French Tech Visas for Founders and The residence permit “skills and talents”. French Tech Ticket program is a one-year program by the French government to entice ambitious individuals from all around the globe and help them begin their startup in France and if you are a startup founder you will be eligible to obtain the French Tech Visas for Founders. The residence permit “skills and talents” visa give  France residence card for a duration of 3 years renewable to the skillful talents which allow them to practice the profession of their choice within the context of the project they aim to develop.

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  1. French Tech Ticket program
  2. French Tech Visas for Founders
  3. The residence permit “skills and talents”


To get Self-employment Visa the person should have a recognized university degree and need to verify that he/she has a job in Germany that matches his/her qualification. To obtain this visa the person must earn at least 53,600 euros as yearly gross income. Experts in the arenas of IT mathematics, engineering, life sciences, and doctors may be eligible for an EU Blue Card if they earn the same amount as similar to German laborers, but not a lesser amount of  41,808 euros gross per year. EU Blue Card owners are eligible for a permanent citizenship permit after their 33 months stay in Germany.

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The Italia Startup Visa plan offers an efficient process for non-EU talents to initiate new startups in Italy. This visa will endorse a new entrepreneurial culture, inspiring better social mobility and introducing innovation into the Italian business ecosystem, and nurturing sustainable growth, employment, and technological development for young people.

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The Japan Investor Visa is for Candidates who will either invest in or take on a senior role in handling a business in Japan. This visa also allows the visa holders to sponsor a housekeeper or other personal help for themselves. Investor Visa can be used by those people who wish to “self-sponsor” a visa in Japan.

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South Korea

This Startup visa is a scheme to help foreigners to begin start-up companies in Korea based on their academic properties. The OASIS Visa system embraces acquisition and training of intellectual property rights and helps for the whole start-up procedure from technological start-up visas to arrangement to the authentic commercialization of the endeavor.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers three types of visa programs for entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur visa, Exceptional Talent visa, and Graduate Entrepreneur visa. You can apply for an Entrepreneur visa If having access to at least £50,000 investment funds, you are suitable for an Exceptional Talent visa if you work in a qualifying field and have been endorsed as a recognized leader or an emerging leader and if you are a graduate who has been officially endorsed as having a genuine and credible business idea you can obtain a Graduate Entrepreneur visa.

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  1. Entrepreneur visa
  2. Exceptional Talent visa
  3. Graduate Entrepreneur visa

United States of America

This visa program is created to arouse the U.S. economy through job formation and money investment by foreign investors. All EB-5 visa holders need to capitalize on a new commercial business that will generate full-time works for at least 10 eligible ​ workers.​​

Learn more about United States of America EB-5 Visa Classification

South Africa

In South Africa an entrepreneur’s visa is stated as a business visa, it will permit entrepreneurs to launch a business in South Africa. To get this visa an entrepreneur should submit a business strategy that frameworks all the actions that the entrepreneur will be undertaking.

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Non-EU citizens who aim to grow an entrepreneurial activity or innovative business with special economic attention for Spain may apply for an entrepreneur visa or residence authorization. Applicants who are overseas must apply for a one-year residence visa and applicants who are lawfully in Spain, for example, who have a residence or an entrepreneur visa or stay permit must apply for a two-year residence visa.

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This visa program offers entrepreneurs and investors to obtain business immigration in Hungary. The entrepreneur residency visa program of Hungary is the low-cost investment program in Europe necessitating the least possible investment beginning from €50,000. Just by initiating a new startup in Hungary, a person can get immigration to Hungary as a director or board member.

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The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme is to let non-EEA Residents and their relations who obligate to a high potential startup business in Ireland can attain a secure citizenship position in Ireland. The Government of Irish established this visa program to inspire startups investment and citizenship in Ireland. This visa program offers relatable welfares to successful business experts.

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A Start-up visa gives determined entrepreneurs a year to start a new company in the Netherlands. One condition to obtain this visa is that the entrepreneurs are administered by reliable facilitators in the Netherlands. Start-ups obtain great help in the Netherlands to progress into effective enterprises. This is good for the entrepreneur and also for the economy of the country.

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Start-up Denmark visa is for capable entrepreneurs who want to initiate high-impact start-ups in Denmark. Acknowledged candidates get a work permit and residence for Denmark legal for two years and there is the possibility of extension. It permits the visa holders to build their business in a well-known entrepreneurial ecology reinforced by great community business growth initiatives and entrees to the European Single Market.

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Benefits for countries that support the entrepreneur visa program in their countries

  • Foreign entrepreneurs have a straight positive influence on the number of new businesses and jobs created in the Country·
  • It is an effective and quicker way to add migrants and make sure they contribute to the local economy as they have to pay taxes and have to study the business rules of a country.
  • Visa policies that target to entice startups and young entrepreneurs send a strong indication to the world that this country is inviting foreigners.
  • Entrepreneurs make the country more noticeable and eye-catching to rich investors and popular entrepreneurs.

Especially the entrepreneur Visa Program Countries invite entrepreneurs to begin businesses in their countries and generate it as easy for them as possible.  Will this visa program make it easier to perform business in the largest economies of the world? How is this visa program going to benefits the entrepreneurs?

I would like to hear from you, Let me know your opinions in the comments.


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