How To Attract New Passionate Readers To Your Blog

What is the most important thing that you need to have in your blog? It’s not your content. It’s not your blog design. It’s not your product. It’s not your offer. Then, What is it? It is your readers. The most important thing that you need to have in order for you to succeed with your blog is your readers. More specifically, your passionate readers.

Well, you can have casual readers for your blog, but those people are not the ones who will devour your content and buy your products. People who are passionate about your blog are the ones who will eat all the things that you throw on your blog, and more importantly, buy your products. It’s not easy to catch these readers. You have to work hard in order to attract them. As a social media consultant, People often ask me ” how do I get more readers for my blog ?”, Therefore I wrote a simple post about How to get more Passionate readers to your blog. Here are 7 clever ways to attract new passionate readers to your blog:

1. Information Is Number Two, What’s Important Is Recreation

When you write your blog post, information is not the most important thing to consider. Sure, you can provide facts and figures about the latest research, but it won’t make your blog any more interesting to read. What’s important is to make your readers experience a little bit of intellectual recreation with the piece of content that you are writing. Don’t write merely to inform your readers about some facts that are happening today. That will be boring. You have to write to entertain your readers and satisfy them. Also, it is always better if you can inform them at the same time.

2. Can You Make Your Readers Think?

Do you know what makes people want to read your content more and more? Let me tell you. You have to delve into their mind while writing your content. Then, you have to make them think that they are reading their own ideas on your blog. How can you do that? By knowing about your readers, and make them feel that they are talking with themselves. Write in their perspective and point of view. In this way, your readers will really feel familiar with your writing.

3. Stay Unpredictable With Your Topic Selection

Always cover topics within your blog from different angles. You don’t want to give away the same kind of information over and over again. Why? That’s because it will bore your readers and make them want to leave your blog. It will not attract them. But, when you are unpredictable, you will be able to surprise them with every content that you write on your blog, leaving them wanting to read more of your content.

4. Inject Subtle Humor Inside Your Blog Post

Why so serious? Blogging is a fun business. It’s a place to build your opinion about something and share your ideas. So, you don’t have to be so serious with your blog. On a side note, it can be a serious business for you, but it shouldn’t be a serious reading for your readers. Your blog needs a touch of humor in order to keep your readers interested in it. You can share your ideas and opinions, but be sure to inject some humor when you do it.

5. Let Your Readers Wander In Their Imagination

Do you know why people love to read romance novels? That’s because of the story element within it. If romance novels don’t have any story to offer, do you think people will be willing to spend their time and money on it? So, why don’t use the same principle in your blog? Why don’t you let your readers wander in their imagination? You can use the story element in your blog post too, and it will keep your readers engaged with your blog.

6. Leave The Hint About What They’ll Get Next

At the conclusion of your blog post, you shouldn’t let your readers hanging around feeling confused about what to do next. You have to leave them begging for more content from you. How can you do it? You can do that by giving them the hint about what they’ll get next, but you shouldn’t give them any specific information about it. Tell your readers about the next topic that you’ll write about. This will keep your readers’ expectations high.

7. Write With Passion

How can you attract passionate readers if you don’t write your blog post with passion? Passion is important in your writing. It is the fuel that will keep your readers feel persuaded to read your content more. So, you should write with passion. This will help you to enjoy your writing more. Your readers can spot whether you are passionate about your writing or not just by reading your first paragraph. So, be sure to be passionate from the start. In this way, you’ll create a great impression from the first time they get in touch with your writing.


These are my tips for ” Attract New Passionate Readers To Your Blog or any blogging platform “, Now it’s your time! Please tell me what is your strategies generate more and more passionate readers for your blog? How you are implementing them to improve your reader’s views?


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