Having more than 675 million members from 200 countries, LinkedIn has cemented its authority as the number one professional social media network for corporates and job hunters to spread the word about their brand and products. With that being the case, LinkedIn is the go-to resource for anybody to get connected with different prospects from allies to clients, among other peers.

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed LinkedIn social selling and important LinkedIn groups for marketers. While, today, in this post I’m going to examine 10 of the best LinkedIn automation tools that can help you become an acumen LinkedIn marketing expert.

I’ll give you the finer details of each LinkedIn automation tool based on my research in the criteria like the tool’s features, reliability, reputation among the users, customers’ feedback, customer care support, frequent updates of the software, trending technologies used in their features, the end-results customers get by using the tool, etc. So, while going through the post, you’ll realize that you can use any of the 10 LinkedIn automation tools for your present and future LinkedIn marketing plan.

It’s my hope that by the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn to improve your lead generation and social selling while building trust among your prospects.

Let’s dive into the 10 LinkedIn automation tools to help you nail as a LinkedIn marketing pro.

1. Salesintel.io

LinkedIn automation tool

Salesintel.io is one of the super easy and intuitive LinkedIn automation tools. Using salesintel.io sales and marketing professionals can find new LinkedIn contact data for prospects to start and close more deals and updating current contacts with accurate data. Salesintel.io users can filter data by tech stack, metro area, industry, position, and more. The salesintel.io service also includes a free Chrome extension to find contact data while visiting a prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile.

Here are some key features of salesintel.io:

  1. Salesintel.io provides research-on-demand for your niche market with its well-experienced research team.
  2. Use multiple filters to easily identify your target contacts and build lists for email marketing, events, and more.
  3. With the SalesIntel and Bombora integration, you can identify and reach out to the companies already looking for a solution.
  4. With accurate, updated data, you can reach out to the right people and close more deals.
  5. Research on demand with fast human verification.
  6. Search by intent topics let you actively monitored; learn what your prospects are interested in before you reach out to them.

Nothing is worse than spending time pounding away on the phone with bad contact information. Salesintel.io solves that problem with their research on demand and salesintel.io reverify the data every 90 days to maintain high accuracy and avoid data decay.

2. We-connect.io 

Advanced LinkedIn automation platform

We-connect.io is one of the safest and affordable LinkedIn automation tools. Through we-connect.io you can able to reach very targeted people to link in with them and it will automatically set up a follow-up email once they accepted your LinkedIn request. Also, you can easily reach out to more than 100X people on LinkedIn using this automation tool. We-connect.io offers Powerful analytics and a dashboard to monitor your new connections on LinkedIn, focus on new opportunities, and drive meaningful conversations with email and chat-style interface.

With multiple We-connect.io features, here are the highlighted ones:

  1. Cloud-based automation tool, so no need to download any extension or software.
  2. Sync We-Connect with your CRM and other third-party apps.
  3. You can invite new LinkedIn connections, message, endorse, auto-follow, and visit profiles.
  4. Mark the replies from contacts as leads, follow-up, archive, and unread.
  5. Works well with free LinkedIn Account and Sales Navigator
  6. Run segmented campaigns based on job titles, industry, geography, company size, or any other filters available in LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.
  7. Create multiple campaigns. The next campaign automatically starts after the existing campaign completes.
  8. Get instant alerts when a prospect replies, the campaign starts or completes, and a captcha is detected, etc.
  9. Campaign level stats and charts allow you to compare different campaign stats in numeric and percentages.

We-connect.io helps you to automate professional networking on LinkedIn by assisting you to discover knowledge, insights, and opportunities 10 X faster. We-connect.io is best designed for busy sales & marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, recruiters, and professionals.

3. Leadleaper.com

Perfect LinkedIn Email Finder

LeadLeaper is one of the perfect LinkedIn automation tools as it provides useful features that LinkedIn doesn’t have, such as lets you build a list of dozens of contacts from your LinkedIn searches, gives you verified business email address for each of your LinkedIn contacts, and enables you to capture hundreds of prospects with a single click. LeadLeaper comes at affordable prices for organizations of any size and you can easily integrate it with Salesforce, and other CRMs.

Below are some of the highlighted features on LeadLeaper:

  1. LeadLeaper LinkedIn email finder empowers you to find and capture 100’s of new LinkedIn leads.
  2. LeadLeaper automatically adds the new lead to your selected list including the lead’s name, title, employer, and verified business email address.
  3. LeadLeaper’s open tracking and email history options let you notify whenever a lead opens your email.
  4. You can integrate LeadLeaper with LinkedIn free / Premium accounts, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiters, G Suite Email, Office 365 Email, and more.

LeadLeaper continuously upgrades its service so you can easily source your leads and LeadLeaper setup is simple hence it really makes finding leads on LinkedIn more efficient. Altogether, LeadLeaper is definitely a helpful tool for anyone looking to get in contact with someone they don’t know directly on LinkedIn.

4. Snov.io 

Snow Linkedin Automation


Snov.io is your perfect outreach automation platform for efficient contact management and CRM. This automation platform offers many useful tools, from email finders to well-designed email campaigns. It also provides a great variety of tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. Especially snovio allows you to launch your own automated drip email campaigns to nurture your leads and gain their trust.

There are many features of Snov.io, here are the most important ones:

  1. Email Finder helps you to find the email addresses by domain, company name or via Boolean Search.
  2. Verify emails to get a clean list of email addresses that you need the most
  3. Snovio.io Email Drip Campaigns lets you create your personalized drip email sequence that gives you more control in your workflow.
  4. You can set email tracking for your Gmail accounts.
  5. Through the Email Finder chrome extension, you can collect high-quality contacts from any website you visit.
  6. You can Integrate Snov.io with your social media apps, CRMs, customer support platforms and other tools.
  7. You can manage your prospects by sync your leads with Snov.io API
  8. You can find out what technology your prospective clients use in their websites which help you to understand their pain points and needs.

Using these features you can find more convertible leads, verify your contacts, track your lead’s progress, and automate your outreach on LinkedIn which saves your time and improve your revenue and personalized automated outreach with over 2000 integration options. Snovio.io is best for sales reps, recruiters, event organizers, freelancers, startup CEOs, and marketing specialists like link builders, PR specialists, and outreach specialists.

5. Linkedhelper.com

Amazing LinkedIn automation tool

Linkedhelper is one of the amazing LinkedIn automation tools that can help you to organize and simplify all the processes needed to boost your LinkedIn profile. Actually, this automation software is a Chrome extension and desktop application that can automate LinkedIn functions like messaging first connections, inviting new people to connect, inviting first connections to join a group, creating autoresponder messaging for new LinkedIn connections, etc. in a larger scale.

Let’s have a look at the key features of Linkedhelper:

  1. You can get thousands of targeted contacts by sending personalized invitations
  2. Auto-mailing system, Auto-Responder, Sequential Messaging to 1st connections or LinkedIn Group Members
  3. You can add a personalized message for your connection requests
  4. Automatic Profiles Visiting & Export to CSV file and build targeted mailing list
  5. Boost your LinkedIn profile and help you to get hundreds of endorsements from fellow LinkedIn users
  6. Endorse your contacts automatically to get endorsements in return
  7. Powerful Lists manager – allows building your own lead generation funnel

Using Linkedhelper can benefit you generate leads using LinkedIn. People in the SEO field also use this automation tool for outreach, so the Linkedhelper tool can be used for a wide range of interactions with people if you think outside of the box.

6. Dux-Soup

Duxsoup Lead Gen Tool
Best Linkedin Lead Gen Tool Duxsoup


With Dux-Soup LinkedIn lead generation tool it’s easy to find, attract and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn. Dux-Soup automatically views your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles, endorses their skills, follows their LinkedIn activity, and sends personalized messages on your behalf. You can also set up an automated LinkedIn drip campaign for your prospects that stops automatically when you get a response from your prospects.

Here are the main features you can enjoy by using Dux-Soup automation tool:

  1. Turn LinkedIn into a lead management system.
  2. You can easily find previously tagged LinkedIn profiles for follow-up actions
  3. You can upload your own list of profiles for micro-targeted sales campaigns
  4. You can follow up your LinkedIn connections with automated messages or set up a longer-term drip campaign.
  5. You can download the LinkedIn profiles details and upload them to your CRM for easy lead management

With all these above features Dux-Soup lead generation tool allows you to select your LinkedIn prospects, automate your LinkedIn functions, organize the results of your campaigns and let you share your leads. Therefore, it’s a comprehensive tool to automate your lead generation on LinkedIn.

7. Drift.com

Conversational marketing tool

Drift is one of the best conversational marketing tools. You can use drift to provide a modern buying experience for your potential customers, generate more qualified leads through LinkedIn, and dramatically accelerate your sales cycle. Usually, traditional marketing and sales rely on forms, calls, and countless follow-up emails, but, drift connects you with visitors in real-time using bots and artificial intelligence.

Drift offers some of these key features to you:

  1. Automate your sales and marketing experience with AI-powered solutions.
  2. Connect with your best buyers through live chat
  3. You can engage more leads with conversational email
  4. You can open and close more deals with sales video

Drift helps you to streamline your lead creation process with your potential customers and save both yours and your customers’ time by automating the calendaring and support request process with web chat functionality, email automation, and it connects very well with the other sales tools you use.

8. elinkPro.com

LinkedIn automation tool

eLink Pro marketing software is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools for sales. eLink attracts and connects sales prospects to your LinkedIn, and help you to streamline your LinkedIn sales funnels. If you want to make your LinkedIn profile into a sales magnet by professionally increase your network on LinkedIn and successfully drive your online influence, the eLink Pro is the right choice for you. Also, eLink Pro is a perfect companion for users of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Linkedin Recruiter, LinkedIn SalesForce, Sales Navigator for Gmail, LinkedIn CRM Social Selling, and LinkedIn Hubspot.

eLink Pro features to automate your LinkedIn functions:

  1. You can target your clients on LinkedIn, access their data, and export details to Excel to streamline your CRM management.
  2. eLink Pro helps you to get your target audience to engage with you back
  3. eLink Pro grows your connections at the scale of social media.
  4. You can streamline your LinkedIn functions by using search filters together with the Campaign Scheduler.

eLink Pro is a fully-featured LinkedIn automation tool that is designed to serve Enterprises, Startups by offering Keyword Filtering, Post Scheduling, Analytics, Automated Publishing, Customer Targeting at one place for automating your LinkedIn lead generation.

9. LeadConnect.io

Traditional LinkedIn automation tool

LeadConnect is one of the most traditional LinkedIn automation tools for Lead Generation. This automation tool helps you to find your targeted Prospects and nurture them for your business and grow your sales funnel in a short time by assisting you to generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn. Simple searches with LeadConnect in your field will reveal thousands of peer experts, service providers, and potential clients on LinkedIn. LeadConnect supports CSV Imports, and Sales Navigator Search as well.

LeadConnect features to automate your lead generation process on LinkedIn:

  1. LeadConnect helps you to create, implement and manage your outreach approach with actionable insights.
  2. Offers you LinkedIn automation functionalities and sales prospecting with campaigns/sequences.
  3. You can contact an unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized auto sequences and build predictable revenue.
  4. You can automate follow-up message and response tracking

LeadConnect automates your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn with personalized multiple Follow-ups. also, sync prospect details to Hubspot automatically with a click. Hence, if you are a salesperson or marketing agency who wants to get Leads from LinkedIn outreach then LeadConnect will offer you the best automation service to improve your lead generation.

10. Growth-hacking.io

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool

Growth-hacking.io is one of the effective cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools to automate your LinkedIn Lead Generation that put your LinkedIn outreach on autopilot. Growth-hacking.io Scrapers targeted Websites for Phone Numbers, Emails, Social Media and check which Website Plugins they use to segment your leads. Simply Growth-hacking.io helps you to step up your marketing game with High-Quality APIs, Scrapers, Automation Tools, and Workflows.

Growth-hacking features to grow your LinkedIn leads:

  1. You can send automated LinkedIn connection requests
  2. You can set up LinkedIn Messages on autopilot.
  3. You can extract Job titles, emails, companies, employees, phone numbers, and more
  4. You can track whether users reply to your outreach
  5. You can extract your LinkedIn contacts and sync your CRM.

Growth-hacking.io helps you to outgrow your competitors by automating your marketing outreach with High-Quality APIs, Scrapers, Automation Tools, and Workflows. Choosing this LinkedIn automation tool will help you to keep track of your LinkedIn lead generation with simple yet flexible documentation.


Comparing to other social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn offers you the top-level B2B networking opportunities. There are many LinkedIn automation tools from software programs, bots to browser plugins/extensions. So, it’s important to get the right tool with solid testimonials that showing real ROI.

While choosing your LinkedIn automation tool, look for a consistent track record of customer support from the team behind the tool. Check:

  1. Are you able to get access to customer support?
  2. Can you able to speak to the relevant people behind the tool?
  3. How is customer support offered?

Just choosing the right automation tool is not enough; you need to follow the right LinkedIn automation practices to get the result. Here is the list of best LinkedIn automation practices:

  1. Treat your LinkedIn automation tools like any other automation tool and use it sensibly.
  2. While selecting your automation tool, think about your core objectives: whom you want to reach on LinkedIn and what will encourage your prospects to respond to your connection request?
  3. Always stick with the LinkedIn usage limits unless If you are ready to take risk of penalties.
  4. Be as targeted as you can in your prospect outreach on LinkedIn. It will help you to receive dividends.
  5. Personalize your interactions on LinkedIn to increase your chances to get responses from your prospects.
  6. Practice good housekeeping rules on LinkedIn.
  7. Create a plan for the extra time you’ll get in your hands by automating your LinkedIn functions – Find out, how can you use that time most productively in your business?

Growing your network massively on LinkedIn is not enough. You need to use your network in the right way to make your LinkedIn network result in your business. With the help of these top 10 LinkedIn automation tools, you can take the highest advantage of your LinkedIn network. From better organizing, your LinkedIn contacts to streamlining your sales funnel, these automation tools help you to become a better player in the world of LinkedIn marketing which nurtures your business in real-time.

Do you use any of the above tools for your LinkedIn automation process? Feel free to share your opinions about them in the comment section below.


  1. Avatar of Susan Parker Susan Parker July 29, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    This is indeed a useful guide and listing for those people who are looking for LinkedIn automation tool to maximize their lead generation efforts! Thanks a lot ????

  2. Avatar of Susan Parker Susan Parker July 29, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    This is indeed a useful guide and listing for those people who are looking for LinkedIn automation tool to maximize their lead generation efforts! Thanks a lot ????


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