5 Simple Tricks To Write Blog Headlines That Get Clicks

Imagine yourself writing a long blog post, publishing it on your blog, expecting many people to read it, only to be greeted with the fact that nobody reads it. What’s wrong with your post? You’ve written the most highly valuable post that you can publish on your blog, and nobody reads it. Why? That’s because your headline can’t hook their attention and motivate them to click and read your post. This simple and seemingly unimportant factor can lead you into the big disaster in blogging. And what’s the biggest disaster that you can experience in blogging? It is blogging without an audience. In other words, you are writing for no one, because no one is willing to read your blog. Why? That’s because your headline is not catchy enough. That’s why you have to learn how to write better headline for your blog. Here are 5 simple tricks to write blog headlines that get clicks:

1) Take A Look At Headlines From Popular Blogs

What? You can’t write a catchy headline because it’s too difficult to do so? Well, you don’t need to worry. You just need to take a look at the popular headlines that you see all over the web and use them as your inspiration to create your own wonderful headline. It’s not too difficult to do. Look at the most popular blogs that you visit often. They will have popular posts that are getting lots of comments. Why they are so popular? That’s because their headlines work well to attract their audience’s attention. Create your own swipe file and use it often to craft your own headlines.

2) Think Twice When You Write Your Headline

Most people will write their headline in a flash. Very quickly. But, they will often feel disappointed with the result of their headline. It flops right away. Nobody is interested to read their content. When you write your headline, be sure to think twice before publishing it on your blog. Why? That’s because your headline will account for 80% of your traffic. So, don’t just write a single headline. Write 5 headlines for your content. And then, think carefully about which headline you will pick for it. Remember, it needs to be able to attract attention quickly.

3) Your Headline Should Be About Your Content In A Nutshell

Most people write vague headline, hoping that people will become curious and then click their headline. But, it’s a wrong way to write your headline. Think about it. If you write a headline like this: “This Image Will Shock Your Mind,” well, that headline can really pull your audience’s attention. But, it is too vague and your audience will not understand what your headline is all about or what content will you give to them. Thus, it will discourage people from clicking it. But, when you write a headline that is clear and not vague, you will be able to literally promote your content with your headline, without being misleading toward your audience.

4) Exploit The Question, News, And List Format

If you are still having trouble in writing headlines that are good for your blog, why don’t you follow the most popular types of headline format? There are three types of headlines that will naturally attract your audience’s attention. These are question, news, and list headlines. Headlines that contain question, news, and list elements will often get instant attention compared to any other types of headline. So, why reinvent the wheel? You can always use what’s already proven to pull the attention of your audience.

5) Touch Your Audience’s Emotional Side

Do you know the easiest way to attract people’s attention and motivate them to click on your headline? The easiest way to do this is insert an emotion to your headline. People respond well to emotional headlines. Marketers know about this very well. They always create emotional headlines in their sales message in order to boost their conversion rate. Do you know why? That’s because human beings interact on the basis of emotion. So, if your headline is emotionless, then you will not attract much attention from your audience. But, if you can touch your audience’s emotional side with your headline, you will see that your blog traffic will soar.

You can write the best content in the world, but if your headline sucks, nobody will read it. So, learn from the tricks above to fix your headline mistakes and craft your own attention-pulling headlines for your blog easily. So, do you have your own strategy to writing killer titles and headlines ? if so how are you implementing them ?

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