Why You Should Add Case Studies In Your Sales Page ?

Many people are complaining that their sales message is so lousy that it can’t generate even a 1% conversion rate. They cannot even make a sale at all. The traffic is there, the offer is good, but no sales. What’s going on? Is there anything wrong with it? If you experience the same situation, perhaps the problem is the way you present your sales message to your audience. Do you want to know a simple method to boost your sales page conversion?  You should add some case studies in your sales copy. Why is it important?

Here are 5 reasons why you should add some case studies to your sales page

1. It Proves That Your Product Works

How can you prove that your product will really work as you claim it to be? You can’t prove the truth of your advertising without telling your audience about how it works. And case studies can help you to present how you use your product to help real people get out of their problems and enjoy a better life. For instance, if you are selling a weight loss product on your sales page, how can you prove to your audience that your product can really help them to lose weight? You can do it by doing a 30-day case study about how your product can really help an overweight person to gain their ideal weight in the course of 30 days. So, instead of putting a photoshopped ‘ before and after photo in your sales message, you can guide your audience every step of the way with your case study.

2. It Gives Assurance Toward Your Product

Without any case study, all your claims can be regarded as bogus claims by your audience. Why? That’s because you never prove it. You never prove to your audience that your claims are not bogus. With case studies, you can easily give assurance toward your product, for those people who are still doubting it. They might think that your product is overpriced. They might think that it is not worthy enough to buy, and so on. But, with the appearance of case studies on your sales page, they will become more compelled to buy it because they can really tell your product’s value based on the case studies that you’ve presented.

3. It Establishes Strong Value For Your Product Immediately

Not many marketers dare to put their case studies in their sales message. Why? That’s because most of them just sell their product to make money. They never test it. They never use it themselves. They just research a hot topic that can potentially have a good market, and they create a product to fill that market. But, if you put case studies on your sales page, it will be a different story. People will be able to see the value of your product because the case studies themselves will prove that you really believe in your product. And it will boost the value of your product automatically.

4. It Increases Your Sales Conversion Naturally

Most people don’t want to buy a product because they don’t trust the product. They are not willing to spend their money away on a useless product. Or, they are not compelled enough that the product will be valuable for them. When you put case studies in your sales message, it will increase the perceived value of your product immediately. Also, it will compel more people to buy because if the product works for others, it will certainly work for them as well. Thus, your sales conversion will soar.

5. It Creates Trust Between You And Your Potential Customers

Case studies will also help you to create instant trust between you and your potential customers. Even though they might end up not buying your product, for now, they will acknowledge you as one of many experts within your niche. Why? That’s because of your dedication to presenting your value to your audience. With this bond of trust, you will be able to build long-term relationships with them. Believe it or not, those who don’t decide to buy your product right away will keep expecting your next product and eventually buy one of them. It is important to presell your audience and give them more motivation and encouragement to buy your product right away.


There are many reasons why you should add case studies in your sales message. but, I just mentioned ” Top 5 reasons about the importance of case studies “. Now, it’s your turn! What are some of your tried and best ways for improving your sales page using case studies? Tell us your experience with us 🙂

Local Businesses Becoming Online Giants – Useful Tips

Shopping at the city center or running errands around your local town lately? While doing these regular chores, if you look closely, you will find huge changes have taken place over the recent years. I’m living in Northern Province Vavuniya City, but No matter where you live, I think the little guys- the small stores, independent business owners are all disappearing. At least in my local town, the majority of them can’t be found anymore. Most of the local small families running stores offering the homely personal touch are now being all swallowed up by the latest market dominants, the supermarkets, and the chain stores which sell almost anything and everything you may need for the day to day life.

It is a really depressing and pathetic scene where numerous out-of-town retail parks and supermarkets are uprooting the locals and taking their places. Virtually, each major town or city is basically a carbon copy of one other. Anywhere you travel; there is not much diversity or change you can find anymore. In every city or town, it’s the usual brand of coffee shops, all the same, cloth stores, the usual chains of garden care companies, DIY or the same restaurants or electrical outlets. These small businesses owners are struggling to survive a losing battle and are losing their lifeblood as it is being sucked out.

The exciting news for small businesses is that the recent E-Commerce revolution has introduced a whole new level playing field offering everyone a fair chance to become an internet business giant very easily enabling everyone to enjoy big profits. The internet carries the free information flow and everyone’s looking for their necessities.  These are the local folks – People living in your own area, Your customers with the biggest potentials.

Check out the recent statistics and you’ll get your proof. The trend of researching products and services online is increasing every year as more and more people are getting easy access to high-speed internet facilities. Also, the smartphone revolution and tablet devices have been a big help. But still, they buy OFFLINE! Grab full advantage of the E-Commerce concept, put your innovative ideas into effect and watch your business flourish. Make this approach, your competitors did and they are doing well. Keep reading and find out how you too can bring out your ‘A Game’ and someday become an online business giant.

Getting Started Online

Promoting business on the web can be quite overwhelming. This is one of the many reasons why small business owners postpone their advertisement plans over the internet. On the web, there are numerous advertisement techniques available, and not having a clear idea might cause trouble deciding where to start from.

Many local businesses dip into the online marketing world and after some time they give up as the expected results don’t show up.

Internet marketing is efficient and fruitful but it’s not a magic wand that will help you get rich overnight. You know your business by heart, so, now find an easy and simple approach to let the others know.

Not all marketing methods work well for all types of business ventures, but below are some basic things which literally almost any business venture, no matter which sector the venture is related to, can certainly help you to mark your presence on a large scale over the internet without draining your account dry.

Your Online Income Generation Machine –  Your Website

You don’t have to create an expensive website with all the singing and dancing works of art. The site should be updated regularly and be search engine friendly. Designing a fully functional and yet profitable website is an extremely daunting task. So, small businesses owners usually leave all the designing and technical works to the hired contractors. This sometimes turns out to be an expensive mistake. Website designers are capable of making stunning-looking website designs complete using every bell and whistle.

For example, if you were running a car dealership, you would not trust the car mechanics to run your marketing campaigns. He may be a damn good car mechanic, but it is almost unlikely that the mechanic would also be an expert authority on marketing. Hand the control of the marketing campaigns over to him and pretty soon you’ll be out of business. Allowing your website designer to run the website for you would put you into similar situations as mentioned above.

Of course, they come with excellent design skills, but they are not experts on marketing in most cases. Only a few website designers completely understand the effective search engine optimization techniques, or how to present compelling sales information or advertisements which effectively pre-sells the products and services you intend to put on the shelves. Believe me; nobody wants a website designer who only focuses on eye-catching designs with pretty-looking but absolutely pointless gimmicks providing Zero efficiency. Below some tips are presented that will help you run your website with total control and eventually you’ll be running a website providing a healthy profit.

1.  Think straight and be sure about what it is that you really want. You want and need a website working 24/7 with regular earnings. Be clear about exactly what task each web page is expected to accomplish and design them accordingly. Also, in advance, decide what kind of customers your website is trying to attract.

  1. For example, are you interested in showing off your products via an online brochure or do you want to sell those on the website?
  2.  Do you want the webpage to collect the visitor’s contact details or just want the site to let the consumers know your contact details? To keep the customers updated you can go for a blog or newsletter delivery.

2.  Place your offers and make the Buy and contact details clearly visible on the website.  People buy online to save time. So, if you want more online buyers, make the Buy button clearly seen. Make sure that your contact details are visible bright and clearly on each web page, so, the customers can call you if needed.

Social media allow you to connect with your target audience and have a two-way effective conversation. But it can be easy to forget that not everyone who finds your social media profiles will speak your language, or be able to relate to your region’s latest trends. Social Media Marketing is the Secret Weapon for any offline; online business and Brands. Big MNC’s and Small Business owners use social media platforms to capture the attention of their target audiences. That’s why I’ve created a special short report about  Basic E-Commerce Strategies and transform your Business Online using Social media and search Engines. Don’t worry I’m not going to ask you to subscribe to my mailing list, but if you like my short report then you can subscribe to my blog to receive Regular updates via email notification.

I hope my short report will help you create some amazing ideas about your business and Brand. Just hit reply to this post and let me know what you thought, please.

Remove The PayPal Restriction in Srilanka

Since 2008 I am doing all my business online, and most of my customers are Europeans or Americans. I have multiple options for accepting online payments through 2Checkout, CCnow, Skrill,Payza and Payoneer. but a majority of my clients (Both Europeans and Americans) use PayPal for electronic transactions. But, the PayPal restrictions in Sri Lanka are leaving me in a fix.  I do agree that PayPal is a secure and trusted online payment processor available for 202 countries and 25 currencies, There is no doubt, PayPal already captured the market like a storm, but the restrictions alone are rendering it useless for me.

According to a regulation passed by PayPal. Any adult (18+) Sri Lankan can open a PayPal account and associate their Credit Card with it to send money or make payments. However, the Sri Lankan account holders cannot be used by the bearers to Collect or accept payment from anywhere in the world. If you are a Sri Lankan digital marketer or Doing business online then I’m sure you are already aware of this issue.

Why do Srilankan ICT Entrepreneurs Need PayPal?

PayPal is required by all ICT Entrepreneurs and Online Marketers. Sri Lankan Internet Marketers provide intangible services online, and therefore they need to have an option for receiving payment online via virtual currency. Owing to its popularity, a majority of Internet Marketers and E-marketers (across the world) use PayPal to pay their service expenses and charges, thus making it a universally acceptable form of receiving and making payments. We do have Payza (formerly known as Alertpay), Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers), and 2Checkout support in Sri Lanka, but the unique fact about PayPal being the universally accepted and most secure payment process still holds true.

Without Having a PayPal withdrawal function, many Sri Lankan Internet marketers are facing problems, such as the following:

1) Insecure PayPal Account Due to The VCC Account Usage :

To extend the spending limit, PayPal users must verify their account with a credit card, address proof, and bank account. Due to the credit card verification process, most internet marketers are forced to use VCC (virtual credit card) verified insecure PayPal accounts to receive payouts and sales from their customers and buyers, while others choose to do without it. It’s NOT illegal, but it’s not recommended, owing to the fact that from time to time PayPal may request a credit card statement, and it may lead to an account seizure if you are unable to provide the required details.

2) Forces to Create “Fake” PayPal Accounts :

Creating international accounts in the name of Friends and Relatives by submitting their proof of documents as verification, then handling all the transaction activities from Sri Lanka using a local IP or by using VPN ( Virtual Private Network). Strictly illegal, but still being followed by many in Sri Lanka. All these activities are against the PayPal TOS ( Terms of Service), so if PayPal catches your logs then the user account will be blocked, and you’ll need to give a valid reason with proof. As a matter of fact, even that is against the Securities and Exchange Commission Sri Lankan Law. Most Internet Marketers aren’t knowledgeable about these legal issues.

3) Losing Business Opportunities for No Good Reason:

In early 2011 I provided a quote worth $6700 for a Conversion Optimization project to one of my Canadian customers. The customer was happy with my proposal and quote, but said, “As is this is my first business relationship with you, so I will pay this amount via PayPal. Thus, in the case of a problem, I can file a dispute.” His decision couldn’t be questioned due to the nature of this business. I replied saying, “I do accept PayPal payment using 2checkout.com, so it’s not a problem for me.” He paid through PayPal to my 2co account, and I received two more $9000 orders, and I’m still doing business with him today. The truth is that if I didn’t have a 2checkout.com account, I would have lost this customer and of course, I would have lost my $18,000-valued project, which was not only a financial milestone for my business but also an opportunity to form a great partnership.

4) Indulging in Dangerous Money Exchange Schemes:

I’ve noticed that some of my students are using this method, even when I’ve told them not to do this. However, people don’t like the truth, and they cannot be entirely blamed because we don’t have a legal way in Sri Lanka yet. These users just generate VCC verified PayPal accounts using their relative’s and friends’ profile details, and transfer their current PayPal balance to a third person via a payment processor like Payza, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Ucash, or the Western Union, for a commission. Obviously, it’s against the payment processing law. If you are dealing with any online transaction, then the payment above should be done for any “Valid & Legal “purpose only. Transferring payment against commission is not a legitimate option, and it’s a serious violation of the payment processing law. Sometimes the exchanger may scam & disappear with the money, meaning the sender could lose their hard-earned money within a matter of seconds, with no one to blame but themselves.

5) Having to Bear Unnecessary Charges: 

However, if the payment comes from PayPal (except for credit/debit cards), 2checkout.com will deduct an “Extra” payment processing fee. So, I paid another “unwanted commission” to 2checkout.com. This could have easily been avoided if I had a PayPal account with Accept and Withdraw facility. Without the PayPal Accept/Withdrawal facility, many Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Internet Marketers, and E-marketers are losing golden opportunities every day.

My Opinion On Government Rules and Legislation’s

I am disheartened to say that I know for a fact that we will never receive any support from the government even if we abide by their rules or laws! In our personal lives, we can have whatever we like, but when we are doing business online or offline, it is best to abide by the rules and legislation of the country and business rules to stay clean and run the business with respect.

Don’t Opt for Unethical Tactics to Withdraw Money from PayPal!

Yes! I’ve seen so many Sri Lankan Internet Marketers sharing tips like “Withdrawing money from Sri Lankan PayPal Account” or “Accepting PayPal payments from Sri Lanka.” I really appreciate that at least some of our people are trying to figure out the methods to overcome this problem. I know there are ways out there to get money into this country via PayPal, but I also know that all of those ways are illegal, and some are purely misleading. If you are an underground IM’er ( Internet Marketers) then it’s no problem – it’s your life, go ahead and do it your way. But if you have a clear vision and need to be a successful Internet Marketer or professional E-marketer, then abide by the rules and follow the right path.

What PayPal Alternatives Are Available?

2checkout.com is the one and the only feasible way to get money in Sri Lanka from overseas. If you have a 2checkout account, then you can accept credit cards, debit cards, E cheques, PayPal, and 2checkout Express Checkout Payments. Simply signup to a 2checkout Account, then contact risk@2co.com to speed up your application process. When the account is active, then start to integrate your website or issue invoices from your 2co admin panel. Customers will pay your invoice through their PayPal account without any problem.  Yes, you have to pay a $49 2checkout signup fee and a 2.8% transaction fee. However, I can get you a 2checkout.com account free of charge, in a legitimate way of course. This is an opportunity. Just reply in the comments section and I will let you know how to save the signup fee of $49 and get a 2co account with a $0 investment.

Payoneer – The Smart Way to Get Paid Almost instantly

If you are a verified 2co vendor then you can apply for a Payoneer debit card from your vendor admin panel. Make sure to provide all the necessary information and don’t forget to generate a minimum of $30 in sales before you apply for a Payoneer card.  You will receive the card within 14 days via courier or if you are a wealthy person then select express courier, you will have the card within 3 days.  Now, simply activate the card, then set weekly or monthly payouts from the 2checkout “Banking” option.

So, now you will start receiving all your 2checkout.com earnings to your Payoneer card within a maximum of 48 hours. Also, you can apply for a virtual US banking account through Payoneer, and it’s a legal way to have a checking account from the US. Use the opportunity while it’s legal and available

How to Receive Remittance from 2checkout to your SriLankan Bank Account

I use Sampath Bank and DFCC bank to withdraw both, my personal and business funds from 2checkout.com, and it’s 100% legal. CBSL will monitor and remit your payouts to the relevant SWIFT accounts, and there is nothing to worry about. Let’s say if you set up the weekly withdrawal; then you will receive your payouts every Friday to your bank. Usually, all these SWIFT transactions are handled by the “Inward Remittance Department”. So if this is your first transaction or you’re getting more than a $10,000 payout, then you should first inform your bank EBU manager or inward remittance department before getting the payment. Also, do not forget to provide them with relevant payment proof to speed up the approval procedure. However, this is not mandatory, as the bank will ask you to provide the documents if they need them for verification. Currently, I’m getting more than $30,000 value payouts in a single shot without having any problems. But I have faced quite a few problems with CBSL and banks in the past. Now, they have the records about my company and me – who I am and what I’m doing here, so all my payments are fast-tracked. NOTE:  If you are withdrawing funds from the banks to your company or personal account, you will receive taxation notification automatically from IRD. So don’t forget to pay the due taxes on time.  There are two reasons why we need to pay tax.

  • When Doing business in any country, we should pay tax (a straightforward and ethical fact).
  • If our Sri Lankan government or CBSL notices the amount of taxation they are generating from Internet Marketers and E-marketing businesses from Foreign Remittance, they might appreciate us, and maybe, they would then help Internet Marketers to improve their business and remove the PayPal restrictions (I’m not sure on this, it might only happen in my dreams!)

Is there a way to ask Government and CBSL to Help Us?

There is no point in starting petitions or writing our thoughts on blogs or forums because Sri Lankan authorities don’t have the time to read our feedback. Neither are they going to understand how we are struggling with our business proceedings in Sri Lanka. However, if you see RBI (Reserve Bank of India) actions; they are taking every necessary action to support Indian e-Marketers by curbing the PayPal restrictions for Indian entrepreneurs and maintaining a balance in the Receipt/Payment System.

We don’t need to push PayPal because they don’t have the time to know about the situation in our country. PayPal may still think Sri Lanka is a dangerous country and that money laundering, violation and crimes are still going on here. But we can’t tell PayPal, “No it’s not like that, we are good! Just remove the restriction and see the activities!” Before anything, we need to contact our Sri Lankan Government to get help regarding this issue. Needless to say, if our dreams do come true, then the Sri Lankan Government will start receiving a decent amount of “Foreign Remittance” from around the world, and of course we can see lots of E-Marketing businesses and the Internet Marketers booming in the future as well.

Okay! But, how can we approach the Government?

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka monitors all E-transaction activities, but they aren’t aware of the importance of the PayPal restrictions! But ICTA knows its importance very well, so it’s better that we contact CBSL or the government with the help of ICTA. Nowadays ICTA activities are really amazing, and they are helping build new start-ups and society. If I talk to ICTA alone, nothing will happen. But if “we” are going to talk with ICTA together then they will listen to our prospect. We need to first grab their attention and only then can approach the CBSL Authorities with valid proof.

What is in Store for The Government?

I’m not saying that we can’t run any E-commerce business in Sri Lanka without PayPal. But, what I am trying to say is that if we receive the support from SL Government and PayPal, we will contribute to Sri Lanka’s economic growth, with at least, 0.0001% from our taxation + transaction fees.

There is an update from Central Bank of Sri Lanka Governor Ajith Nivad Cabraal on his views about the first Q&A session on Twitter. He also emphasized the role of social media in helping reach society and in good governance. He also highlighted the status of PayPal being enabled for accepting payments to be implemented in Sri Lanka.

What is your take on this guys? Are you facing any of the issues I mentioned? We need to come together to see big changes happen in Sri Lanka. Share your feedback below 🙂

Internet Marketing Opportunitties for the Part Time Workers

The rapid and continuous revolution is happening with the invention made by the modern era – the internet! There are wide ranges of opportunities produced and generated by this amazing online Internet Marketing system which allows people to earn money in the comfort of their homes. Therefore this exciting method of marketing has become more popular and sought means of marketing. In recent times Europe and other countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan; there are advancements in the number of internet marketers who are earning thousands of dollars as income through successful internet marketing niche. But Srilanka has seen not many IM’ers who understand the value of time. This is because that they do not have a clear picture about the best IM niche that well suits our country, the skill of our people. These are the basic steps you need to implement in order to prepare yourself for internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Landscape in Sri Lanka

The beauty of internet marketing is that it is not necessary that you possess any kind of marketing kit or business guide. All you need is little knowledge about the operating skills of the computer and lots of spare time to utilize. Once you understand your skills you can Google and search for the perfect job that well suits it. You can start an internet marketing business at any shoestring budget and there are also possibilities for you to join any affiliate program with good reviews as a beginner. But it is essential that you be cautious with your money while investing in the virtual industry.

The simple way to accept & withdraw your earning:

Internet marketing deals with international clients and firms therefore you will need a virtual currency acceptable and payable source. PayPal is the accepted way of money transactions which is done in most of the European countries and many other E-commerce organizations around the globe. Creating your own account is a very instant and easy task once you sign up with PayPal. Once you become the privileged Srilankan PayPal owner you are eligible for using it for buying and selling products and services. But the biggest issue faced by Srilankan people is that we are not allowed to receive payments from others. But there are few secret tips available for accepting money from other PayPal account holders. The following are a few other alternate payment processors or gateways that support Srilankan holders. Following are the few-

1.PayPal – it is free and you can send and buy

  1. Moneybookers: This is also free and you can easily send, buy, accept and withdraw
  2. Payza:  it is free and you can send, buy accept, withdraw and debit card
  3. 2checkout.com: this requires $49 for signing up which allows you to accept, withdraw and use the debit cards.
  4. Payoneer, CCnow, Clickbank, and more

Recommended Internet Marketing strategies  for Sri Lankan Online Marketers

1, Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a successful venture that can be shared between the online merchant and the owner of the website. The owner of the website is allowed to place advertisements that help in selling products or services by enabling them to visit the web page. And you receive a share of profit. But you should do some research and find the best affiliate program and sign up.

The niche of the modern trends are- web-hosting, Amazon and Click bank, etc such as

  1. bit.ly/k0TnrF
  2. bit.ly/mLvTR7
  3. bit.ly/lA9l3r

2, CPA (Cost per Action) Marketing: Cost per Action or the Cost per Acquisitions is a cost-effective method of affiliate marketing where you get paid for certain actions for an advertisement. With the help of the CPA networks, you can start earning money once a prospect signs up and fills out a one-page form, email list, or even something as simple as filling out their zip code. These dealings are simple and easy which means more consistent profits and a huge conversion rate. Check the CPA affiliate accounts and other withdrawal options available from the huge list of CPA networks-:http://bit.ly/lhQkqY.

3, Freelancing: If you are a person with good writing and reading skills with good command of the English language along with typing talent then you can become a freelancer. A freelancer offers his or her services in the field of web designing, graphic designing or programming or content writing, and much more. But you need to concentrate and totally dedicate your Time, Effort, and talents in order to succeed exceedingly. The first step involved is that you sign up with any freelancing website that suits your dreams. Search for particular projects and start bidding. You can send your personal message to the clients while bidding with special emphasis on your talents and experience. Once the client accepts your bid then you can start your work with milestone payments through the Escrow method. You can start submitting your project reports and then request payments through Escrow. And you can easily withdraw your funds from Escrow to your payments site such as Moneybookers. Following are the popular and most trusted freelancing sites :

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Odesk.com
  3. Elance.com
  4. Guru.com
  5. Rent-acorder.com
  6. Freelanceswitch.com
  7. Scriptlance.com etc

4, Data entry Jobs: Every day I receive inquiries about the available Data entry jobs and opportunities in the land of Srilanka. But most of the Data Entry jobs available offered in the online sources are not trustworthy. There are few legit data entry businesses available but it is quite difficult and hard to find a worthy job. Therefore research and analyze well before signing up for the job to understand the assignment methods and business requirements to support response speed. The chief job work of the Data entry job is to collect the data, create reports, convert formats and documents, fill and submit the online forms. Analyze the company’s background, credentials, and payout methods and once you are satisfied with the credibility then sign up! But I am not ready to recommend any Data entry websites because of the numerous fakes and fraudulent companies online.

Other Online Business Opportunities:

  1. Search engine Optimization Jobs (Online)
  2. Social Media Marketing Jobs (Online)
  3. Adsense, Co-op Adnetworks (Online)
  4. Content Writing (Offline, Online)
  5. Reselling & Referral (offline, Online)
  6. Professional Business (Offline, Online)
  7. Domain brokerage, Site Flipping ( Online )

There are many more legit online marketing opportunities available on the internet, simply Google it, you will find more and more! but pay more attention to legit business methods, do not fall any quick rich scheme business methods.


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