How To Change your LinkedIn Background Photo

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With the enhancement in mind, LinkedIn offers its existing and new premium members with all new set of functionality that allows you to add customized LinkedIn background photo to your profile. With this new feature you can make your profile more visible and presentable to the employers and other internet users. However, right now this privilege is available only to the premium account holders with LinkedIn. The photo- centric redesign with LinkedIn offers larger photo area for profile and lets you add your own LinkedIn background photo images to profile and stand out in the crowd. With This New Feature You Can: Make your profile presentable: By adding customized LinkedIn background photo to your profile you can make your profile visually pleasing and presentable. The[…]

LinkedIn for Marketer – Learn How To Capture Potential Prospects From LinkedIn

PIN LinkedIn Marketing Tips
LinkedIn is the increasingly growing network for the business professionals all around the world. LinkedIn is best platform for grownups as well as for those people who are actually serious about spreading word about their own business. There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a great platform for the marketers as well as for the brands. The more your business will get share with the people so it appears to be better. LinkedIn is the place for the businesses to network along other business and people. Many small and big businesses are using such professional social networking portals for establishing the connection with the people who assist them to grow the business globally. This is the beauty about online networking. LinkedIn getting 187 Million monthly unique[…]

LinkedIn for Business – Top 10 LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

PIN Personal Branding Tips
If you are an active social network user then you probably already know about the power of LinkedIn for business and brands. LinkedIn is a Goldmine for Marketers, business, Investors and of course recruiters, let’s take a look at how LinkedIn is transforming the world. 2013 LinkedIn Statistics: LinkedIn has 200 million total users and 135 million active users around the world 77% of job openings notifications  and 48% of recruiters are posting their Jobs on LinkedIn B2B Businesses are now getting a 61% Customer Acquisition Success rate from LinkedIn 71% of American College graduates find their dream jobs via LinkedIn 77%  of research Companies and 65% of Asian and European journalists use LinkedIn as their primary source LinkedIn is now available in 200 countries[…]