Conversion is by far one of the most important factors in the success of any online business. Conversion rate optimization is the ratio of visitors that convert into actual paying customers after visiting your website.

Even if you have immense traffic to your website, and your website does not convert, it won’t generate many sales for you. Traffic that does not convert is useless as far as ROI is concerned, and that’s why businesses are willing to pay huge sums of money for the experts to enhance their website`s conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization is NOT like changing images, and contents locations! it’s a long-term research and development process, needs time and depth research about the target market, user behavior, Target audience interest, and much more important  Sales and marketing strategies.

Buttons – Their Text and Location: Buttons are of utmost importance when it comes to enticing a visitor to buy your products or services through your website. Buttons play a critical role in adding the Call to Action to any web page. But it’s not only about placing the “Buy Now” or “Contact-us” buttons everywhere on your site; the website should be built with a proper Landing page optimization strategy and after performing the in-depth user behavior analysis.

The color, size, and text that display above the button play a significant role in making an effective Call to Action button that really converts. Similarly, the location where these buttons are placed is of utmost importance to increase your website conversion. In most cases call to action should be placed above the fold so that the user can click on it without requiring scrolling down the page. But the actual location can only be determined after a thorough analysis of the website`s theme and some Split Testing. I’ve been using  CrazzyEgg to understand user behavior and Optimizely for A/B Split Testing purposes. To learn more about conversion rate optimization best practices check advanced conversion rates optimization tools such as Clicktale and user-testing.

Page Speed: In this modern era where everyone has ultra-fast speed internet in their homes and offices, nobody likes to visit a web page that takes a long time to load. It is surprising to see the majority of webmasters or online business owners pay absolutely no attention to the page`s speed which not only decreases their conversion rate but prevents their website from appearing on top of Google as well, as Google prefers fast-loading websites to rank on top.

Try to use CDN Technology and avoid using Heavy images, flash content, fewer images with much text content to increase your website loading speed. Check your website loading speed through Google Page speed, Y slow to understand basic issues.

Eye-catching Yet Descriptive Heading: Make sure that your heading and subheadings are crispy and attractive for your visitors. Instead of just adding your slogan (or keyword) there in the main heading, try to make it a little more descriptive, which helps your visitors know what your website is all about.

Heading that marks a date shows that your website is up to date and thus helps in increasing the conversion rate. Do not try to promote any selling tags within headlines! Headings are like your Ad Copy, try to learn from Facebook and Adwords ads about how to create an eye-catching and sale-oriented heading for your webpage.

Use The Images Wisely: High-quality Conversion driven eye-catching images can make a dead page appear highly attractive. Therefore it is critical to use call-to-action images on your website to attract the attention of your potential customers, however, overdoing it may do you more harm than good.

Therefore choose the right locations for images wisely and do perform some split-testing before deciding which location works best for you, if you are good in CSS, then try to avoid using multiple images and use CSS sprites to optimize image usage


You have spent thousands of dollars creating a stunning E-Commerce website, but if you don’t have a proper call-to-action, conversion Strategy; then you can’t generate sales. There are various factors that play important role in optimizing your website for the highest conversion, however, it is highly recommended to avail yourself the services of an expert to ensure that you don’t miss any point that may cause serious loss of business.


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