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Internet Marketing for Part Time Smart People

Internet Marketing for Part Time Smart People

The rapid and continuous revolution is happening by the invention made by the modern era – the internet! There are wide ranges of opportunities produced and generated by this amazing online Internet Marketing system which allows people to earn money at the comfort of their home. Therefore this exciting method of marketing has become more popular and sought means of marketing. In recent times Europe and other countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan; there are advancements in the number of internet marketers who are earning thousands of dollars as income through successful internet marketing niche. But Srilanka has seen not much IM’ers who understands the value of time. This is because that they do not have a clear picture about the best IM niche that well suits our country, the skill of our people. These are the basic steps you need to implement in order to prepare yourself for internet marketing.

Internet Marketing in Sri Lanka

The beauty of internet marketing is that it is not necessary that you possess any kind of marketing kits or business guides. All you need is little knowledge about the operating skills of the computer and lots of spare time to utilize. Once you understand your skills you can Google and search for the perfect job that well suits it. You can start an internet marketing business at any shoe string budget and there are also possibilities of you to join any affiliate program with good reviews as a beginner. But it is essential that you be cautious with your money while investing in the virtual industry.

Accept & Withdraw Your Earning:

Internet marketing deals with international clients and firms therefore you will need a virtual currency acceptable and payable source. PayPal is the accepted way of money transactions which is done in most of the European countries and many other E-commerce organizations around the globe. Creating your own account is a very instant and easy task once you sign up with the PayPal. Once you become the privileged Srilankan PayPal owner you are eligible for using it for buying and selling products and services. But the biggest issue faced by srilankan people is that we are not allowed to receive payments from others. But there are few secret tips available for accepting money from other PayPal account holders. The following are few other alternate payment processors or gateways that support Srilankan holders. Following are the few-

1.PayPal – it is free and you can send and buy

  1. Moneybookers : this is also free and you can easily send, buy, accept and withdraw
  2. Alert pay :  it is free and you can send, buy accept, withdraw and debit card
  3. 2checkout.com  : this requires $49 for signing up that allows to accept, withdraw and use debit card.
  4. Payoneer, CCnow, Clickbank and more

Recommended Internet Marketing strategies  for Sri lankan Online Marketers

Internet Marketing strategies  for Sri lankan Online Marketers

1, Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a successful venture that can be shared between the online merchant and the owner of the web site. The owner of the website is allowed to place advertisements which help in selling products or services by enabling them to visit the web page. And you receive a share of profit. But you should do some research and find the best affiliate program and sign up.

The niche of the modern trends are- web-hosting, Amazon and Click bank etc such as

  1. bit.ly/k0TnrF
  2. bit.ly/mLvTR7
  3. bit.ly/lA9l3r

2, CPA (Cost per Action) Marketing: Cost per Action or the Cost per Acquisitions is a cost effective method of affiliate marketing where you get paid for certain action for an advertisement. With the help of the CPA networks you can start earning money once a prospect signs up for an fills out a one page form, email list, or even something as simple as filling out their zip code. These dealings are simple and easy which means more consistent profits and huge conversion rate. Check the CPA affiliate accounts and other withdrawal options available from the huge list of CPA networks- :http://bit.ly/lhQkqY.

3, Freelancing: If you are person with good writing and reading skills with good command over the English language along with typing talent then you can become a freelancer. A freelancer offers his or her services in the field of web designing, graphic designing or programming or content writing and much more. But you need to concentrate and totally dedicate your time, Effort and talents in order to succeed exceedingly. The first step involved is that you sign up with any freelancing web site that suits your dreams. Search for the particular projects and start bidding. You can send your personal message to the clients while bidding with special emphasis on your talents and experience. Once the client accepts your bid then you can start your work with milestone payments through Escrow method. You can start submitting your project reports and then request for payments through Escrow. And you can easily withdraw your funds from Escrow to your payments site such as Moneybookers. Following are the popular and most trusted freelancing sites :

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Odesk.com
  3. Elance.com
  4. Guru.com
  5. Rent-acorder.com
  6. Freelanceswitch.com
  7. Scriptlance.com etc

4, Data entry Jobs: Every day I receive inquiries about the available Data entry jobs and opportunities in the land of Srilanka. But most of the Data Entry jobs available offered in the online sources is not trustworthy. There is few legit data entry business available but it is quiet difficult and hard to find the worthy job. Therefore research and analyze well before signing up for the job to understand the assignment methods and business requirements to support response speed. The chief job work of the Data entry job is to collecting the data’s, create reports, convert formats and documents, fill and submit the online forms. Analyze the company’s background, credentials and payout methods and once you are satisfied about the credibility then sign up! But I am not ready to recommend any Data entry web sites because of the numerous fakes and fraud companies online.

Other Online Business Opportunities:

  1. Search engine Optimization Jobs (Online)
  2. Social Media Marketing Jobs (Online)
  3. Adsense, Co-op Adnetworks (Online)
  4. Content Writing (Offline, Online)
  5. Reselling & Referral (offline, Online)
  6. Professional Business (Offline, Online)
  7. Domain brokerage,Site Flipping ( Online )

There are many more legit online marketing opportunities available on the internet, simply Google it, you will find more and more! but pay more attention for legit business methods, do not fall any quick rich scheme business methods.

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