Don’t forget to Reward the People Who Helped you

PIN Helping People
This is my most recent update, and I hope sharing it will help people in management who are struggling with putting their company on the right path and making sure their employees are getting the recognition and reward they deserve for their efforts. On September 17, 2008, I started my first e-commerce business called Since inception, we’ve acquired more than 14,000 international customers and over 120 local Sri Lankan customers. We’ve also delivered over 28,000 link building project reports in the last five years. [dropcap] F [/dropcap] rom May, 2012 to July 2013, I faced so many challenges in my business as well as my personal life, but I believed every problem had a solution. I knew it all depended on my mindset and[…]

Conversion Rate Optimization – Hearing the voice of the customer

PIN Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices
Conversion is by far one of the most important factors in the success of any online business. Conversion rate optimization is the ratio of visitors that convert into actual paying customers after visiting your website. Even if you have immense traffic to your website, and your website does not convert, it won’t generate much sales for you. Traffic that does not convert is useless as far as ROI is concerned, and that’s why businesses are willing to pay huge sum of money for the experts to enhance their website`s conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization is NOT like changing images, and contents locations! it’s a long term research and development process , needs time and depth research about target market, user behavior, Target audience interest and[…]

For the Second Year Venture Engine Empowers Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka

PIN Venture Engine
Last year’s event by Venture Engine was a huge success. Nine different businesses were helped to be more successful, both technologically and financially. Of these nine businesses that were helped, seven were startup businesses. This endeavor went a long way toward improving the economy of Sri Lanka, providing a much-needed boost and an increase in new businesses. Last year there were seventy applications for the nine selected positions. Anticipation is for at least that many this year and possibly even more. The application period has already begun for this year and will conclude on June 3. Responses are expected to be even greater this year than last. For the entrepreneur looking for a financial boost, this is a wonderful resource. Event Partners and Sponsors Venture Engine is[…]

Tech Startup Acceleration Program Meetup

PIN Tech Startup Acceleration Program Meetup 1
Tech Startup Acceleration – There are lots of ways to ignite your startup and set it ablaze with your profits, and there are several ways of turning those dreams into realities. Being an entrepreneur, you will get ideas every day, and possibly every hour, of your life, and this is one of the incurable diseases of being an entrepreneur. When I was growing up and living at home in 2008, I was struggling immensely because society and my family hadn’t given me much in life. Even the financial institutions wouldn’t really help me kick start my efforts. I couldn’t get my dream business off the ground, and it was three months before I made my first sale from a UK customer, and the $5 I made helped me move on with confidence[…]

LinkedIn for Business – Top 10 LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

PIN Personal Branding Tips
If you are an active social network user then you probably already know about the power of LinkedIn for business and brands. LinkedIn is a Goldmine for Marketers, business, Investors and of course recruiters, let’s take a look at how LinkedIn is transforming the world. 2013 LinkedIn Statistics: LinkedIn has 200 million total users and 135 million active users around the world 77% of job openings notifications  and 48% of recruiters are posting their Jobs on LinkedIn B2B Businesses are now getting a 61% Customer Acquisition Success rate from LinkedIn 71% of American College graduates find their dream jobs via LinkedIn 77%  of research Companies and 65% of Asian and European journalists use LinkedIn as their primary source LinkedIn is now available in 200 countries[…]