5 Simple Tricks To Write Blog Headlines That Get Clicks

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Imagine yourself writing a long blog post, publishing it on your blog, expecting many people to read it, only to be greeted with the fact that nobody reads it. What’s wrong with your post? You’ve written the most highly valuable post that you can publish on your blog, and nobody reads it. Why? That’s because your headline can’t hook their attention and motivate them to click and read your post. This simple and seemingly unimportant factor can lead you into the big disaster in blogging. And what’s the biggest disaster that you can experience in blogging? It is blogging without an audience. In other words, you are writing for no one, because no one is willing to read your blog. Why? That’s because your headline[…]

Guest Blogging for SEO, No Longer will it Please Google?

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Finally, what Matt Cutts announced on his personal blog in January 2014 has now become a shocking reality with a guest blogging network been penalized recently by Google. The distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts had already advised the Webmasters to stop guest blogging as a link building strategy for gaining juice. Similarly, great emphasis was laid on accepting a blog post that is written by someone you can assure in terms of credibility and quality, which is also applicable to a site on which you submit the post. The announcement had already alerted the SEO community but the practical trailer has actually proven the power of the decision taken. After taking a look at this penalization, I guess most ( paid ) guest blog authors as well[…]

10 Inspiring Tips – How to be a Successful Business Person

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Success is not enduring and failure is also not the end unless you don’t have the clear vision about yourself!! If you actually don’t know that who you are and what your strength and weakness are then probably you are the non-visionary person! I’m just an ordinary business person like you. It’s actually not about me and my success or failure stories, but it is all about how you can motivate yourself, how you can sharpen your mind and most significantly how you can help others by living your life! ” Don’t  just read success stories, Read failure stories You will get some ideas to get success! ”  Dr. Abdul Kalam The Best Dreams Happen Let me share with you a great thing which happened last[…]

How to avoid Getting Your Website Penalized for Using Rich Snippets

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The concept of rich snippet spamming is totally intriguing as it looks a lot like the old fashioned meta-keyword spamming technique. It remains hidden in the website code so the users are not aware of them. However, it seems that the abuse of rich snippet affects the users in terms of search results. Therefore, Google has decided to take serious action against the website that use this type of Rich Snippets spam black hat strategies. If you are a totally legitimate website, you should be concerned about this issue because if you are reported multiple times, Google might actually block you from showing those snippets for your site. On the other hand, the spam reporting is not the best strategy that Google should use, so detecting abuse[…]

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for E-commerce Sites

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. Therefore, this process rules the manner in which a user interacts with a site for increasing the chance of their conversion into leads. Its goal is to increase the number of conversions from the current traffic as opposed to the boosting traffic. According to the 2013 conversion rate optimization report, around 28% of the surveyed companies are satisfied with their conversion rates, which marks the highest hike of 6% since 2009. Therefore, it is clear that more companies are taking CRO seriously. It is vital for them to know that several factors affect conversion rates, such as color, videos, and social media presence. One needs to consider these factors for designing conversion rate optimization best practices or strategies. Here are top 10 strategies to consider[…]