Top 10 Digital Marketing Checklist For Marketing Professionals

The use of Digital Marketing is increasingly imposing. This trend has been consolidating in recent years and the number of shares in digital marketing, communications, and the use of an online strategy is increasing its acceptance and use in the SME segment and professionals.

It is clear that customers or potential customers of a product or service are increasingly seeking to analyze, search and compare on the web. For businesses, care for and maintain your online presence is a necessity today to maintain their growth and not lose out to your competitors.

Some basic considerations and questions you should ask when planning a digital strategy:

  1. Business model and operational plan Analyze done so far, actions and results as it relates to digital marketing.
  2. Web site updated, upgrade-able modern responsive (visible on any mobile device), and dynamic. To be used? It is optimized for search engines? It can be seen from a mobile device? It seems obvious, but many companies still do not give importance to what might be one of their main sales channels.
  3. SEO and SEM: The work of natural positioning and payment website to appear at the top of search results on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, when someone searches for your product or service.
  4. Online Advertising: On the Internet, search engines and popular websites are as large advertising billboards on public roads and in major newspapers. And they have an advantage: You can measure, analyze and fix permanently the campaign to optimize investment, based on the results obtained.
  5. Social Media: It’s important to understand their approach, benefits, uses, and consistency to suit the communication needs of the company and its target audiences.
  6. What we do with Facebook: We are or not? Fans will add, it is also for my company, we think of marketing actions, we define a concrete strategy for this network.
  7. LinkedIn: It’s just to find work and new prospects, or can be productive for my personal development or even my business?
  8. Google+ is another Facebook? It is important for positioning or can I use this for improving my online brand reputation?
  9. Contents: Develop a content marketing strategy, information, notes, and actions related to your business, products, and services to help to improve the SEO of your business and at the same time provide excuses to interact with your customers and target audience. It is necessary to generate content?
  10. E-commerce: Should I consider it for my product or service? It’s time to walk this path, what is needed? Sell online today?

Define a perfect digital marketing strategy covering the above points should be a clear objective for any company this year. Many companies will only adjust or adapt their strategy with new trends, for others it may mean starting from scratch, it’s time to act, and start walking your way around the Internet. If you are a professional marketer or brand manager, looking for a better online brand / personal brand development plan; then my digital marketing strategy checklist is useful for you.


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