Top 10 Outstanding Social Media Management Tools for 2020

Unless, if you’ve been living in a forest cave for the recent decade. You already know the importance of social media to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads, and especially get more conversions.

However, managing your presence on social media can be extremely time-consuming with so many diverse tasks like designing graphics, scheduling posts in different social media profiles, monitoring performance, tracking analytics, etc. And it can be difficult to find the skills and manpower to execute all these tasks effectively. Therefore, you need the right strategy and the right social media management tools for your social media Campaigns.

Thankfully, there are thousands of social media tools in the market, but, not all of them can be classified as social media management tools. So, today I’ve picked up the 10 best social media management tools that could be essential for you in 2020.

We’re going to have a bit longer ride. So, put your seatbelt on and get ready!

What Makes a Good Social Media Management Tool?

Before we get into the tools, let’s talk about what a good social media management tool actually is. A good social media tool is an all-in-one tool that helps you to manage your social media presence effectively in multiple social media channels. And here are some key features social media management tools should have.

1) Help You to Save Time

The purpose of using a social media tool is to do similar tasks in less time with better results than you could without it. So, choose the social media management tools that not just automate a process but also give you quality results.

2) Easy to Use

You can save time only if social media management tools are easy and simple to learn how to use. Many social media tools offer tutorials about how to use their tools and some have excellent customer service where you can get immediate expert advice if you need help in choosing the best user-friendly tool that your team could find easy to use.

3) Affordable

Social media management tools should be affordable for your budget. Even you can get many high-quality social media tools for free, so all you need to do is sign up. Whether it’s free or for a cost, find the social media tools that are budget-friendly, then you don’t need to go back and forth with the accounting department to get approval for your budget.

4) Increase Your Brand Awareness

The biggest benefit we gain from our social media presence is brand awareness. So, when you’re choosing your social media management tools, you should make sure their services help you to increase your brand awareness.

5) Keep You Organized

One of the key benefits of social media tools is to keep you organized. So, make sure the social media management tools you’ve selected are efficient in keeping your social media tasks well-organized and tidy. This will help you to monitor your tasks effectively, give easy access to your tasks so you can go back and edit them later and most importantly save much of your precious time.

Top 10 Social media management Tool in 2020

I spend quality time checking these TOP 10 social media management tools quality, price, features, customer feedback, support and trustworthiness. Here is the list of social media management tools that help you with all aspects of handling your social media kingdom.

  1. Sprout Social
  2. AgoraPulse
  3. Sendible
  5. ContentCal
  6. Kontentino
  7. ContentStudio
  8. Hootsuite
  9. Buffer

This post focuses on the following key elements of social media management tools:

  • Publishing – Posting and scheduling your social media posts.
  • Social Engagement – A single dashboard to monitor and manage all your social networks posts, messages and interact with your audience.
  • Audience Management Support – Let you view the insights into your audience to discover the influencers and the most engaged. Like simple social CRM.
  • Supported Networks – Social Media channels that you can manage with the particular social media management tool.
  • Standout Features – The unique features you can get from the specific social media management tool.

Let’s get started! I’ve ranked social media management tools from top to bottom. (Where the tools ranked at the top are highly recommended.)

  1. Sprout Social

Build and grow stronger relationships on social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform built for connection that helps brands and agencies of all sizes to understand, reach and engage with their audience. This tool is a leader in usability, customer support, ROI, and user adoption which is used by over 20,000+ brands around the world, in businesses like education, hospitality, tech, digital marketing agencies, fashion, and many other businesses. With sprout social, you can easily do social media publishing, in-depth analytics, and engagement across all of your social profiles.

sprout social

  • Publishing: Sprout Social has some cool publishing features that include all the basics and a few more customized features. For example, individual statistics on every post posts review & approval, and schedule multiple social media posts across different profiles.
  • Social Engagement: Sprout Social has the social inbox, social monitoring and keyword searching features that help you monitor your brand on social media. It also allows you to create automated Chatbots to quickly respond to incoming messages.
  • Audience Management Support: Sprout Social has Social CRM that access conversation histories and relevant contact details to provide personalized responses to incoming messages from customers / potential customers. You can also enable Help Desk Integration to create, track and manage support issues of your audience.
  • Supported Networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest


  1. Standard – $99/Month
  2. Professional – $149/Month
  3. Advanced – $249/Month
  4. Each pricing has a free trial offer

Standout Features:

  • Offers a single platform to manage all your social media profiles.
  • Give comprehensive audience management support to provide a good customer care service.
  • In-depth analytics and engagement across all of your social profiles.
  1. AgoraPulse

Powerful features built for easier social media management.

Agorapulse is a simple cloud-based social media management and CRM solutions platform to schedule your social media content, get reports, and engage with your followers. Agorapulse offers social influencer management, social media profile management, and social media analytics is a powerful suite. This social media tool is suitable for different business categories like Small business, Medium business, and Large business.

  • Publishing: AgoraPulse has the automated post feature, where you can queue your evergreen posts, put labels on your content that allow you to save and analyze your every social media post and you can also control who drafts and approves your social media post content.
  • Social Engagement: AgoraPulse combines all your social media profiles conversations in one place, so, you can easily reply, review, or label them. The social inbox feature captures organic/paid post comments, direct/private messages, and reviews in order.
  • Audience Management Support:  AgoraPulse allows you to view public profile information and private notes about each user in your “Fans & Followers” tab that helps you to identify your most passionate fans and followers. With a click on a user, you can review a history of their conversations with your brand.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn


  1. Medium (Best for small businesses) – US$79/Month
  2. Large (Best for agencies) – US$159/Month
  3. X-Large (Best for larger organizations) – US$239/Month
  4. Enterprise (Best for large teams with many profiles) – US$399Month
  5. Each pricing has a free trial offer

Standout Features:

  • Offers all the publishing options you need for your social media posts publishing management.
  • AgoraPulse combines all your social media profiles conversations in one place.
  • Comprehensive analytics reports to identify which metrics have gone up or down in any given period.
  1. Sendible

Build stronger brands on social media.

Sendible is a sophisticated social media management tool that helps you to streamline your social media management from planning and collaboration to engagement and analytics. The social media tool provides social media monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement services which can be useful to small, medium, and large businesses from all industries. These features will help you to demonstrate your value to clients with advanced reporting and deeper insights. The more interesting thing about Sendible is that you can also measure your social media ROI from the very same dashboard on Sendible you’re using to manage your social networks and schedule messages.

  • Publishing: Sendible has a Smart Queue feature and Auto Post feature that helps you to put your favorite posts on a repeat posting schedule. Its smart recommendation system also recommends the top-performing posts on your social media channels.
  • Social Engagement: Sendible has the Social Inbox feature, team member features, and social listening features that allow you to monitor different keywords and see what is being said about your brand.
  • Audience Management Support: Sendible has a separate dashboard for each user and even offers a white label solution that allows you to monitor your audience, your brand reputation, and your success.
  • Supported Networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Analytics


  1. Starter (For Solopreneurs) – $29/Month or $24/Month Billed Yearly
  2. Traction (For Startup Agencies) – $99/Month or $84/Month Billed Yearly
  3. Growth (for Growing Agencies) – $199/Month or $169/Month Billed Yearly
  4. Large (For Large Teams) – $299/Month or $254/Month Billed Yearly
  5. Each pricing has a 14-days free trial offer.

Standout Features:

  • Separate dashboard for each user with the facility to measure social media ROI.
  • Sendible has a mobile app for getting notifications when you’re away from your computer screen.
  • You can easily manage multiple social media marketing campaigns on a single platform.

The Platform for Every Kind of Social Media Marketer. is a cloud-based social media management platform where you can create powerful content, do effective team collaboration, insightful analytics, efficient strategy to deliver the best-personalized brand experiences across all social media channels according to your customer profiles. The tool offers social media marketing, social media management, and customer management solutions with the tools to handle social media posts publishing, scheduling, engagement, monitoring, and customer data management. also offers a content calendar that allows users to plan, create and schedule their social media post content in collaboration with their marketing teams.


  • Publishing: allows you to schedule, edit, preview, and publish all your social media posts and campaigns and the Approval Flows ensure your post quality while the Campaign Planner aligns people on your team. You can also track your social media success by posts and channels.
  • Social Engagement: has an Engage inbox where all your social media channels’ messages and comments come. It also has a variety of time-saving features that ensure your team can moderate and rapidly respond to all the messages and comments.
  • Audience Management Support: offers a personal profile card for each person who interacts with your brand on social media, where their future interactions with your brand will be automatically added. By enabling CRM integration and labels you can enhance it even further.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp


  1. Essentials (For Single Users and Small Teams) – Start from $129/Month
  2. One user, 5 channels
  3. Full Suite – Customizable packages for larger companies with multiple teams and markets.
  4. Three or more users, unlimited channels
  5. Each pricing has a 14-days free trial offer.

Standout Features:

  • Support multiple social media profiles and marketing campaigns.
  • Offers a personal profile card for each person who interacts with your brand on social media.
  • Full Suite package offers customizable packages for larger companies with multiple teams and markets.
  1. ContentCal

Collaborate with your team and post great content.

ContentCal is one of the simple and spontaneous social media management tools that helps you to save time, collaborates with your team members or clients, and allows you to create better social media content. ContentCal is best for businesses, agencies, and freelancers to plan their social media content and management. The approval workflow allows multiple people to schedule social media post content to a calendar and it makes collaboration across a virtual team indeed easy.

  • Publishing:  ContentCal allows you to collaborate on upcoming social media posts, share ideas with your team, and the approval workflows let you perfect your content quality.
  • Social Engagement:  ContentCal has a Respond feature that makes it super simple for your support team to respond to social media conversations and Facebook Messenger messages, Facebook Comments, Tweets, and Twitter Direct Messages.
  • Audience Management Support: ContentCal has a Team Inbox feature that keeps new social media conversations in one central location which is easily accessible from within your ContentCal account. ContentCal features allow you to quickly respond to inquiries and close resolved conversations. It also allows you to see exactly who you’re talking to from location to follower counts.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest


  1. Pro (For Individuals Managing Social) – $17/Month
  2. Free trial offer
  3. Company (Key Features for Small Teams) – $47/Month
  4. Free trial offer
  5. Premium (A Custom Package for Your Team) – Start from $79/Month
  6. Custom quote offer
  7. Agency Custom (One Home for All Your Clients) – Custom Package

Standout Features:

  • ContentCal features keep new social media conversations in one central location.
  • Easy collaboration across a virtual team.
  • Offers multiple pricing packages based on your needs.
  1. Kontentino

Streamline your marketing team’s workflow.

Kontentino is a simple social media content management tool for agencies, social media managers, and clients that allow them to Plan, assign, comment, and approve social media posts in the easiest way. With Kontentino, you and your team members can save time that would be consumed on managing operational tasks manually and the analytics section puts data in the context which helps social media managers to evaluate the performance of the social media posts/ads when they’re reporting to their clients.

  • Publishing: Kontentino features allow you to easily reschedule, clone, or move social media posts or ads across your channels. You can also assign multiple tasks at once, send all planned social media posts for client approval or schedule an unlimited number of social media posts with one click which saves time on your operational works.
  • Social Engagement: Kontentino offers custom metrics such as engagement rate or percentage of the reached audience that provides insights into your social media performance and based on the metrics you can order your posts from the best performing to the worst-performing ones. It also provides KPIs like organic reach, link clicks, engagement, and other social media metrics.
  • Audience Management Support: Kontentino offers an intuitive mobile app that allows clients to provide feedback under each social media post and clients have the option of approving or rejecting social media posts and ads from the mobile app. Also, through the mobile app, you have all your content under control.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


  1. XS – 49€/Month Billed Yearly
  2. Small – 99€/Month Billed Yearly
  3. Medium – 189€/Month Billed Yearly
  4. Large – 279€/Month Billed Yearly
  5. All the above packages have a 30-days free trial offer
  6. Enterprise – Custom quote offer

Standout Features:

  • Kontentino offers an intuitive mobile app to manage your social media content.
  • Easy features to reschedule clones or move social media posts or ads across your channels.
  • Comprehensive pricing packages based on your needs.
  1. ContentStudio

Streamline Your Social Media And Content Marketing.

ContentStudio is a cloud-based social media management and content marketing tool that is suitable for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and midsize businesses who want to share the best content consistently and increase their reach.ContentStudio contains features like automated publishing, post scheduling, social media monitoring, performance tracking, content management, multi-account management, and multi-user collaboration. ContentStudio allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from a single location and offers a built-in composer that enables you to create custom content for your social media profiles.

  • Publishing: ContentStudio allows you to plan, schedule, and publish months-long social media post content just in one sitting. By streamlining your workflow, ContentStudio helps you to maximize your productivity.
  • Social Engagement: ContentStudio allows you to publish approval workflows. The social inbox feature allows you to Tag, comment, and review social media posts in real-time to elevate team efficiency, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Audience Management Support: ContentStudio provides actionable insights from trend analysis and this automates report gives access to your social media data on the audience behavior with your brand which helps you to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube


  1. Pro (Solo Marketer) – $49/Month
  2. Small (Business & Agency) – $99/Month
  3. Medium (Business & Agency) – $199/Month
  4. Large (Business & Agency) – $299/Month
  5. Each pricing has 14-days free trial

Standout Features:

  • Offers a built-in composer that enables you to create custom content for your social media profiles.
  • Enables multi-account management and multi-user collaboration.
  • ContentStudio provides actionable insights from trend analysis.
  1. Hootsuite

Social is your superpower.

Hootsuite is considered a good social media management tool for managing multiple social media profiles by logging into a single dashboard that helps to schedule and publish content to the right channels at the right time, track performance in real-time, and crank the volume on your top-performing content. It’s the world’s most used social media management tool. Hootsuite offers a secure environment for teams to collaborate across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles, engage with customers, and generate revenue.

  • Publishing: Hootsuite allows you to upload, edit, and schedule hundreds of social media posts at once, in CSV format. Hootsuite Chrome extension lets you schedule your posts automatically.
  • Social Engagement: Hootsuite allows you to assign social media tasks to a suitable team and department that helps you to boost efficiency, accuracy, and save time, and allows you to streamline your approval process. You can streamline all your social media profiles comments and conversations in one place and assign tasks for relevant team members.
  • Audience Management Support: You can create custom streams of your social content and organized them by tabs. Also, you can find and filter your social media conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location that allows you to reply to posts and comments faster. Even Hootsuite offers instant analysis to find out what your customers are doing, feeling, and thinking about your brand.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest


  1. Professional (Essential tools for effective social media marketing) – $19/Month
  2. Free 30-days trial
  3. Team (An expanded suite of tools for social media marketing teams) – $99/Month
  4. Free 30-days trial
  5. Business (Advanced, scalable tools for large social marketing teams) – $599/Month
  6. You can request a Demo
  7. Enterprise (Take your sales, service, and marketing to new levels with a custom social media solution) – Custom Solutions
  8. You can request a Demo

Standout Features:

  • You can manage multiple social media profiles in a single dashboard
  • The instant analysis helps you to monitor the performance of your brand and your competitors as well.
  • Hootsuite mobile apps make it easy to manage your social media profiles.
  1. Buffer

Simpler social media tools for authentic engagement.

Buffer is an authentic simple, yet powerful social media management tool to tell your brand’s story and grow your audience with social media publishing, analytics, and engagement. It’s suitable for small to midsize businesses that allow users to publish social media content, engage with customers, and helps them to analyze their social media performance. Buffer also provides advanced analytics to track social media performance on a weekly or monthly basis. Buffer has a browser extension and mobile apps so users can create and share their social media posts from anywhere.

  • Publishing: Buffer’s features allow you to Plan, collaborate, and publish social media content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for your brand. From one simple dashboard, you can draft your posts, coordinate with your team, and orchestrate your social media marketing campaigns
  • Social Engagement: Buffer has features to share and manage access to each social media profile, so you can create drafts, review posts, get feedback, and improve content as a team. This helps you to be sync with your team.
  • Audience Management Support: Buffer tracks your social media performance, audience engagement, and creates reports that help you to grow your social media reach, engagement & sales.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


  1. Pro (Ideal for getting started) – $15/Month
  2. Premium (Ideal for growing brands) – $65/Month
  3. Business (Ideal for large teams) – $99/Month
  4. Each pricing has a 14-days trial

Standout Features:

  • Buffer allows you to post photos, videos, and articles on your social media profiles easily.
  • You can schedule your post content across multiple social media profiles through one dashboard.
  • Buffer app makes it simple to schedule posts and track performance.

The modern workflow for social media teams. is another intuitive cloud-based social media management, collaboration, and approval solution tool for social media marketers, freelancers, media agencies, and marketing teams that allows users to automate and simplify their social media management processes like social media images and content creating, social media posts publishing, post scheduling, content management, multi-account management, and multi-user collaboration. Planable allows you to create social media content for multiple social media profiles separately. Also, it enables users to drag and drop media files in their social media posts, also users can add emojis, hashtags, page tags, and Giphy integrations to their social media content.

  • Publishing: allows you to create, schedule, view, and collaborate on your social media posts. You can drag and drop media files in your social media posts, also, add emojis, hashtags, and page tags.
  • Social Engagement: allows you to gather feedback right next to the post and you can tag members to send notifications that help you to avoid miscommunications. Also, you can add attachments to comments and reply to specific comments.
  • Audience Management Support: If you’re an agency or have several clients, then is perfect for you as offers a dedicated workspace for each client with a separate calendar, inbox, analytics, and assigned team members. So, you will be able to keep everything organized and clean.
  • Supported Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram


  1. Starter – $32.5/Month
  2. Premium – $82.5/Month
  3. Enterprise – Custom quote

Standout Features: 

  • Planable offers a centralized hub for all your social media profiles.
  • You can add multimedia content to your social media posts.
  • Offers separate workspace for each client.


You have so many choices out there for high-quality social media management tools that have all the features to boost your social media engagement, get you more leads, and grow your brand awareness with a powerful social media presence. So, ultimately, it’s your job to find the exact tool that is best suitable for your needs, budget, and marketing goals.

Are you still using any of these social media management tools for your social media scheduling process? If yes, don’t forget to share your thoughts on this post 🙂



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